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What's too much while Fasting?


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Sep 8, 2021
I’m going to draw the line at dry fasting WITH showers and teeth brushing, haha.

I’ve done a 3 day fast, recently, with nothing but coffee and electrolyte water. Overall a very positive experience and I’ll do it again soon. I intermittent fast almost every day for what seems like years now, so 16-18 hours with just coffee and loads of water is no problem at all anymore. I have incredible workouts too, at the end of my fasts. If you told me that 5 years ago I’d have laughed at you. Who knows anymore…
if you had coffee/electrolyte water technically it wouldn’t be a dry fast. I’ve seen where some people only drink water in a one hour window or of course Ramadan, they don’t drink or eat until night.

& yeah lol but as mentioned most people who do it are trying to cure some serious ailment or destroy tumor or things along those lines. Hopefully we are never in the position where we have to contemplate wether drinking our own pee is worth it lol
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