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What is your current diet going into summer?

genetic freak

genetic freak

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Dec 28, 2015
I already changed mine up. I moved to the Paul Barnett/Justin Harris carb cycling approach.

Non training days is 40 g pro/10 g carbs/10 g fats x 6.
Training days is 40 g pro/10 g carbs/10 g fats x 4 and 40 g pro/75 g carbs/0 g fat (as close as you can) pre and post workout and 10 g EAA/25 g carbs intra.
One high training day a week is 35 g pro/75 g carbs/0 g fat (as close as can) x 4 and 35 g pro/75 g carbs/0 g fat pre and post workout and 20 g EAA/50 g carbs intra.

I hit a wall hard during prep on the previous diet. I was only sleeping 4-5 hours a night, strength and endurance were gone, motivation was crap, I actually gained weight the two weeks prior to moving to this diet despite throwing more cardio in and reducing calories another 10%. I didn't have labs done, but I would guess my cortisol was through the roof. Within one week of switching to this diet I dropped 3 lbs and I feel absolutely awesome. Even did a widow maker on the hack squat with a narrow stance and feet low on the platform today 5 pps x 24. I wouldn't have had the energy to even put the plates on the machine if I would have stayed on the previous diet.


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Oct 10, 2010
90+% of the time, daily eating is:
1-1/2lb 80/20 ground beef with 3-4 eggs 2x a day.
1-2oz beef liver eod
A rotisserie chicken 1-2x a week.
There’s butter, whole/heavy cream most every day as well.
12oz milk each morning.

Small servings of things like protein bars, fruit, and random occasional junk shit makes up the other 10% of the diet.
Autopilot diet day in day out.
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