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What is low dose tren and why?



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Aug 11, 2010
I work the Tren up and down over the months depending on what the goal is. Here is a simpl diagram to try explain:

Lowest Effective Dose Max Dose (For Level)
Pushing Maximum Growth Pushing Maximum Body Comp change

More tren is used when dialing in, less is used when trying to be as anabolic as possible. Tren is there most the time as B.belt mentioned it is bodybuilding, some can do very well without but Tren always will be king for body comp out of what is currently to hand in the AAS market.

The principle is the body at certian levels can only handle a set amount before the side effects will need a good amount of management. Yes with GH in there and AI then it will be much higher but there is a point that too much AAS and you get more moosh/bloof and there is less and less benefit. When your at this level of use and pushing size and using AAS as the primary tool (maybe some light GH/Slin use) then by bringing down the strong androgens you allow more room for the anabolic compounds to nest if you get me. Mega dosing GH and slin different but this higher level and really you should have good foundation first before doing this.

Tren is top component for bodybuilding but doses are best cycled up and down depending on your goals and what else you using etc.