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Aug 11, 2010
Hardcore is being a Winner. A Champion. A Warrior. An Animal. It doesn't matter what word you use, 'cuz when it comes down to it, you need to be willing to put it all on the line for the big prize, the Overall Title at a major show. Hardcore is when you're willing to sacrifice the fucking mortgage to subsidize training for a contest which, by the way, many have done on both the pro and amateur levels. Hardcore is dealing with the 9 to 5, and the bullshit that comes with it. Like finding ways to keep your better half off your ass so you can train just one more hour in the gym. Hardcore is downing a couple of cups of joe at five in the afternoon to get yourself amped for leg day.

Hardcore Is...

Hardcore is walking around with that dark patch of dry skin on the back of your neck, the mark you get from resting the squat bar on your upper traps and neck area. It's a badge of honor. Hardcore is setting a schedule, and being able to focus on a reward 18 weeks out. Hardcore is waking up, sore as hell but ready and willing to get your ass up out of bed, just to start plowing food down your throat when you know the food you're eating doesn't do anything for you but make you sick. Eating bullshit like oatmeal, chicken breast, rice, and my all-time "favorite", boiled eggs. Eating that food day after day, for weeks at a time, with only slight changes, is a true example of how much that prize means to you.

Hardcore is that something down and deep that motivates you to get your ass to the gym to train back, after having trained legs the day before. I'm talking about the feelings you have when you wish you were a lazy fat ass, like everyone else in the world, or someone who's content to just drink beer, all day, every day. But not you. You're thinking about that guy in Jersey getting his shit in twice a day; or the person in Kickass, America, busting his ass, thinking about the same show you're doing. Hardcore is being able to turn the corner at the half way point and focus in on the small areas you need to clean up on your body to win.

Hardcore is getting your ass to the gym and having the tenacity to finish the workout with a killer lift on your final set of deadlifts and feeling like a pile of shit for the rest of the night for doing it.

Hardcore is trying to look like one cool customer when you're on stage, even though inside, you feel like shit and nervous as all hell. Hardcore is being able to keep all those emotions in check and focus on the job at hand: Winning the damn show.

Hardcore is being able to keep it all together, keeping yourself all together, during the comparisons of the class winners... being able to flex those legs, one last time, to show off the crazy motherfuckin' separations... holding that most muscular shot until your traps feel as if they are going to rip off your neck.

Hardcore is when you find yourself back in the gym the Monday after winning show. All you can think about is how in the fuck are you going to surprise them next time on stage. You haven't even found the right spot to put your hardware, and you're calculating your diet to rebound on. That's not only hardcore, that's fuckin' insane, Bro. Even though it's cool to show off the trophy, you're worried about that weak point the judges picked on.

You've already started planning your next move. You need to build more muscle here, a little more separation there. Your focus is on how quickly you can start adding that new muscle so that you can keep moving up the bodybuilding ladder. This is the life of a hardcore bodybuilder. This is the life you must choose voluntarily. This is my life.


Sep 25, 2010
Thats my life.. Last week on dead day I burned out with a set of ten with 495 on the bar... Squats on sunday I did 4 sets of ten with 405 on my back for a light leg day... I'd have lifted on xmas if Id found a gym that was open... lol...


Sep 8, 2010
Hardcore is doing all that and more not because their is a prize at the end or notoriety, its because you love to do it, and you would do it for fuckin free.


Sep 22, 2010
Hardcore is setting a goal that's attainable, yet tough as hell. And without thinking or bitching, complaining, feeling, etc. just getting it done til its done. Then doing it all over again.


Sep 20, 2010
To me hardcore is a reflextion of my whole life...What ive been threw and what ive done..The battle scars i have from liftingweights and the pains i have from this sport is my reflextion of hardcore...All the lifting ive done is countless...I have given up my whole life for the quest for size, strength, and power.All in the name of hardcore style lifting...I have given my soul for this sport...I have given up relationships for the name of iron....I became a slave in the name of hardcore...For the sake of muscles and glory....So,whats the ture meaning of HARDCORE?Living Your dream as a weightlifter..Living the life style as a weightlifter....Because the botton line is nothing eles matters but living the profile as a muscle head.And that is as hardcore as u can get...and every experiance that comes with being a weightlifter is your life as one...Its not easy and its all blood and guts.....and anyone that lives this lifestyle knows what im talking about.........dw


Sep 29, 2010
Now this is THE thread!

Good inspiration from each of you!

Hardcore is doing it cuz it is what you do, genuinely being alive and vital amidst scores of sleepwalkers and herds of followers stutter stepping along to other peoples dreams while my self-directed critterhood responds full on and my goals, ever elusive, stay in sight cuz I got heart and vision and will and will not stop, til my heart stops beating or my skin splits wide open and mere humanity falls away...

yep, this coming from a "part timer" as one prick called us, folks with a job and school and a family life trat just 'dabble' in the lifestyle...

Til, on a good day, I pop a blood vessel in my eye squatting- you see, in the gym, this old dude forgets he's a "part timer"- I am, the weight is... FUCK GRAVITY


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Oct 11, 2010
Best thread I've read in a while...Love it! Lets here more from you all.

Hardcore is barfing in the towel basket beside the rack after grinding out your last few reps of a sac busting set of squats...Then while looking up from your impromptu barf bucket you see the all your favourite stick people including the local so called self described expert personal trainers and the shit assed fitness fags that double as MMA stars in waiting just staring at you with blank looks on their faces and all their mouths catching flies.

So with a big grin and while wiping the barf dribble from your chin with your sleeve... You ask "What?!"

And you decide to give them a wee wink while asking..."Am I gonna get in trouble for using this chalk again?!" with a little shrug of the shoulders.

Then turning your attention back to your arch nemesis.... that ugly, stinkin' fucking rack with that goddamn bar on it that almost made you buckle and cry during your last run in..... just sitting there.... hating you... and you hating it....Thinking about what your gonna to do it this time while paying those on-lookers no more attention, they got too much already. Cranking the tunes wide open and get right back under that bar, right back to work and doing it all over again.

Man do I miss squats, and deads for that matter.


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Sep 15, 2010
hardcore fuck I was human by birth Animal by choice Im balls to the wall on everything Iam harcore


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Feb 27, 2011
For me hardcore is having a fear of heights that is crippling, but signing up at a gym that is on the 4th floor of a bombed out old brick industrial building with a giant garage door right behind where I deadlift... Might sound stupid to you guys, but the fight or flight response I get from looking out that door adds to my deadlift...

From Merriam Webster

hard core noun
Definition of HARD CORE

: a central or fundamental and usually enduring group or part: as
a : a relatively small enduring core of society marked by apparent resistance to change or inability to escape a persistent wretched condition (as poverty or chronic unemployment)
b : a militant or fiercely loyal faction

usually hard·core chiefly British : hard material in pieces (as broken bricks or stone) used as a bottom (as in making roads and in foundations)

Deadweight, Senior VIP at The Iron Den


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Sep 21, 2010
hardcore is...
when you stop in the middle of sex and down a shake to stay in positive nitrogen state.
doing a doggy style with hands on her hips and practing most muscular pose.
that bottle of corona you're drinking makes you fantasize about sustanon amps that big.
spending sunday unable to walk.
don't think I'm alone here.:)