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What I love about Strongman



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Apr 29, 2012
I started training for strongman nearly a year ago, and competed in three shows this year, taking third place at two of the shows, my first show I took third out of four in my weight class, and my last show, I took third out of ten master's competitors, with the Jolly Green Giant and Paul Bunyan taking first and second place. I count this as a real good win for me.

And after a year of training I can tell you what I have come to love about the sport include the following things.

First is the sense of community among the competitors. At every show, I have met many other competitors, and a lot of them are still friends today. Also, the other competitors have always helped one another. At my first show I remember doing log cleans and barely getting 240 lbs. When I got it everyone cheered like crazy. Then a couple guys started talking me through the next few rounds. They told me how to position my body, and how to move the log. I continued getting cleans all the way up to 300# and I failed at 310#. I was so proud and everyone cheered like I was a hero. The other competitors gave me my first fist bumps of respect. It was amazing.

Second is the sense of achievement. As I have progressed and gotten better at different aspects of strongman, I have had a constant sense of success. I have never felt like a failure, even when I couldn't get the opening lift. Instead, I felt like I was doing great and was on the right track for improvement and eventually being a serious competitor. I have improved my lifts significantly, and a year later I feel like I will give some of the other guys in my weight class a run for their money.

Third is the endless variety of exercises. One day we are training with a medley of Keg press, axle clean and press, and circus dumbbell to failure and the next we are doing car deadlifts and yoke carries. The variety is endless. In addition to those, I have done duck walks, wheelbarrow loading and lifts, husafeldt stone carries, atlas stone over a bar, atlas stone to a platform, keg over a bar, keg to a platform, keg carries and many others.

Fourth is how good I feel physically now I have been training for a year. The training is not only for strength, but also for endurance at high weights and endurance in general. So while I am stronger than ever before, I also have a high level of endurance. And I just feel great.

So these are some of the reasons I love strongman. There are other reasons too, that I'll tell you about some other time.
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Jan 19, 2014
Good for you Woods. Hard to find a passion that fits a personality. Some get lucky and do. You've made great progress. Here's to your continued success buddy...
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