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What do people like to read/learn about outside the gym?



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Apr 29, 2012
I have had a series of hobbies over the years. I have a fairly broad knowledge base of trees, shrubs, wild flowers, edible plants and medicinal plants, going back to my childhood when my grandmother got me interested in all of that. I have always done some woodworking, and have built and refinished a lot of furniture and have done quite a bit of chair caning. Again, my grandmother got me interested in all of that. I built a timber frame sugarhouse for making maple syrup around 2001. In 2007 to 2012 I built a 1,000 square foot timber frame addition to my house. I have always liked gardening, especially perennial flower gardens and have a significant collection of old fashioned and native perennial flowers and such. I have always read a lot of books.

These days I read a lot of historical fiction, mostly warrior novels (Vikings, British Navy during the Napoleonic wars, etc.) and space warrior novels. I like a little bit of history, especially biographies of the founding fathers, presidents and other important people.

For the past 10 years I have spent most of my spare time either lifting weights, or reading books. The rest of my time is sleeping and work (I am a small town attorney). Life is hard, but good.
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