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Apr 29, 2012
Man that’s terrible brother, I had no idea. Sounds like a true narcissist. I’m glad you were strong and created the life you have for yourself and have gotten to where you are even enduring that. Good for you bro. I hate that for you and your siblings, and especially your mother. People can be evil.

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Thanks brother. I appreciate your kind words. They really do help. Also, I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world, considering how I came from a place where my dad treated me like a slave and expected blind obedience, and worked hard to isolate the whole family from the world, and I was able to escape his clutches, then go on to put myself through college, then law school and today am a well respected small town attorney. I am still a little bit messed up from my childhood, and I have trouble coping with certain situations and find myself compelled sometimes to do things that just don't make sense in hindsight. But I figure I am no worse than a majority of the people out there... hahaha!

Massive G

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Apr 10, 2020
I think the world would be a better place if more obituaries were like the one posted above. I really feel for those that had terrible fathers and childhoods. While mine was not perfect, the incredible amount of abuse my dad suffered as a child made him a good father. He never talked about it but my mom told me when I was in my teens who my grandfather was and why I had never seen or heard about him. He came home every night after long days at work and bars and beat the shit out of my dad and my uncle. My uncle escaped by going into the marines at 15 and fought in the Korean war. My dad left home at 16 never to return after his dad came home and beat the shit out of him. My dad never drank more than a couple of beers at a time if ever. I guess he knew what alcohol would do to him. He did have a bad temper but other than getting my ass beat a few well deserved times most of it was verbal.
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