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Weight Lifting To change Your Image



Aug 11, 2010
Weight lifting has been always been one of the most popular forms of exercise. Not only does it produce the most dramatic results, from a physiological strength point of view, but it also has a reputation for producing a complete change in image. Perhaps fuelled by the concept of superheroes with bulging muscles, each generation seems to place more and more emphasis on traditional – maybe even primal - displays of power. In short, guys typically want to look their best and ripped muscles can make a huge difference to one’s self-image; as well as one’s first impression on people.

Think about it. In real life – and in pop culture (movies, etc.) – the most powerful and influential people are always pretty well-muscled. Girls typically adore men with big muscles and other men tend to respect them more – almost like a primal instinct to respect the alpha male. This, as well as a personal desire to get in shape, is why most guys take up weight lifting.

Weight lifting can produce amazing results but it’s not something to be taken lightly. Like anything you do in a gym, weight lifting requires a dedicated commitment to get the best results. This means hitting up the gym at least three times per week – maybe even investing in a personal trainer if you can afford it – and doing your workouts with the right attitude. This means that if - for example - the set you’re working on is 3 sets of 12 bicep curls, you shouldn’t be going all power on the first two sets and lagging back towards the end of the third. As in most sports, the point during the workout that produces the most results is when it hurts most – right at the end. Grit, and determination, pays rich dividends in dramatic (and rapid) results.

The flip-side to this is coin safety. Weight lifting is inherently dangerous because you’re moving inevitably heavy objects that hurt a ton (no pun intended) if they come crashing down on your toes. This means you need to observe a few basic safety rules. For starters, you should wear proper sneakers to the gym. The amount of difference they’ll make if a weight falls onto your feet is variable – depending on what you’re lifting – but good shoes make for better body stability. You’ll feel more balanced, and comfortable, key to observing proper technique.

On the topic of proper technique, when doing any kind of weight lifting (while standing up),your feet must be shoulder width a part and your knees slightly bent. This provides the best weight distribution throughout your body while ensuring that your knees aren’t “locked out” and consequently subjected to excess pressure. This means less of your energy is wasted – because, inevitably, improper body position increases the effort you have to put in to do the same thing – and you get more out of your workout. Add that to the safety aspect and you can see why this is very important.

Weight lifting – just like most sports – will make you sweat a lot. You need to put that water back if you don’t want your performance to deteriorate. A water bottle with every workout will usually suffice but more is always better. If you want to go the extra mile, it’s a good idea to invest in a sports drink – one that’s high in salts and other things you lost as you sweat – to help restore the electrolytes and keep your performance at its best throughout your workout.

Finally, if there was ever a sport that required a good diet – it’s weight lifting. Since you’re inevitably trying to build muscle, you need to get as much protein into your diet as you can – without skimping on the carbohydrates for energy. You should also get decent amount of fruits and vegetables – or at the very least take supplements to make up for the vitamins and minerals in them.

Weight lifting is a very popular competitive sport and – even if you just do it for personal benefit or at an amateur level – it’s a great way to stay in shape and boost your body image.