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Weight gainer



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Nov 1, 2010
my 12 year old is shredded, but he desperately needs to put on some weight. We've tried pushing food down his throat but it doesn't seem to be helping so I'm hoping I can get him to drink a few hundred calories. Back in the day, when I was in a constant bulk, I used to drink N Large 2 twice a day. It doesn't seem to be available anymore so I'm looking for recommendations on another weight gainer. Taste is going to be a primary concern since he's 12.


TID Board Of Directors
Nov 29, 2013
What's wrong with blended shakes like I used to make with an electric blender or I now make with a Blender Bottle, which has a 40+ oz. size for those who use a smaller one they bought years ago btw? YOU can put as much of whatever ratio of macros you want in one of those, and vary flavors.

Or are you thinking of convenient pre-packaged stuff to take to school, like a few MuscleMilks? I'm over 12yo now, but that big Blender Bottle goes with me to the gym and occasional other places. Starts with milk or any other liquid that has been in the fridge, add whatever powder(s),leave a coupla inches from the top, shake to blend, then add some ice cubes ...... it'll hold the cold for a while if with me in the gym, or anywhere it's "room temperature," like maybe your son's locker at school?


Senior Bacon VIP
Nov 1, 2010
No lockers at school. Plus we have to watch him to make sure he drinks it. He already has some bottled ones at nurses office at school
He would lose a hundred of the shakers.


TID Board Of Directors
Apr 23, 2011
Malto dextrose or dextrin with everything ? And you can buy it in 50lb bags fairly cheap


TID Board Of Directors
Nov 24, 2011
#9 opinion is a little different (seems to be a pattern lately ;) ).

The advice towards calorie dense foods is good for us as we consciously want to eat more and we fight the feeling where our bodies tell us we have eaten enough in order to gain weight. (those of us who have working feedback mechanisms )

I have a very lean son as well. 11yo. His body keeps him that way. Getting food in him is a challenge at times, but I have realized that he is just in tune with what his body is telling him.

So the getting him to gain weight thing, you have to understand how appetite works. Food high in fat have a GREAT response to triggering the feeling of satiation. A great way to see this is take 3 shots of olive oil and wait 15 minutes and see how you feel. You will find you feel incredibly full (since you just took in 4-500cal). Even though the volume is small, it does a great job of triggering the brain saying "I just ate something".

So sitting in front of him and making him eat a single gainer meal, may just result in him eating less throughout the day.

The approach should come from a different way.....

1)Increasing appetite naturally
2)Feeding foods that dont trigger a high satiety response...hence he will eat more without realizing it.

The first will take care of itself naturally if he starts training as he gets older. But short of that, you can trigger appetite with certain foods. Combination of salt and sweet have been known to do this. There is some study that shows our appetite suppression can go haywire when eating foods like this. This is why chocolate chip cookies taste so much better when made with a little salt. Other foods like icecream can trigger pleasure centers in our brains causing us to eat more than we need. This is one approach we have taken with our son. He is allowed to eat ice cream anytime he wants. (We buy all natural full cream and sugar).

The second is feeding foods that dont tell your body you ate anything. A great example of this is soda. Drink a soda and see how full you feel. Now eat 2 apples. Aprox same amount of carbs, but two totally different responses. They did a study with young overweight pre-diabetic kids. They substituted only one thing in their diet and observed without any other variables. They were instructed to replace the liquid sugar drinks they consumed with milk. So oz for oz they are aprox the same in calories. BUT milk has a tremendous signaling response to the brain telling it you ate something in contrast to soda. ALL of the kids who drank milk instead of soda lost weight. The reason was, the soda cals were not telling the brain they had consumed food. When replaced with milk, their appetites went down.

So basically you could try to add in a bunch of 'empty' cals in the form of sugar drinks, soda, fruit juices, gatorades....etc. This is one we have not done yet since we have had success just giving him more of the 'goodie' foods, but if it came to it, I would be letting him drink soda if it was what was needed to him to put on weight.

Sure, you could take a bunch of sugar and add it to anything, but rather than a daily struggle, we have looked to other avenues of success. He is starting to take interest in working out. He is very active and a soccer player. But I have explained to him how strength training can help his soccer game. We are going to start a little workout program with all body weight stuff. I am interested to see if that bumps his appetite up as well.

Hope that helps some.


TID Official Lab Rat
Jul 22, 2011
Well that's a long and in-depth one to follow. My 13 yo is shredded as fuck too. Water polo makes it hard to bulk him up. I agree that the shakes can hinder food intake. I just moved the shake (optimum whey with 2 big scoops if peanut butter) to before bed and added buttered toast to his breakfast, and tell him to drink a glass of whole milk any time hes thirsty. Seems to be working. Hard to tell if it's just natural 13yo growing or if my adding protein and calories, but he seems to be thickening up


Sep 16, 2013
Universal makes a good Weight Gainer .
But why not add EVOO to the shakes , that would help.
Also up the carbs ! Get a carb powder and throw some in there as well. When I had trouble gaining weight , I ate more , of course , but I did Up my carbs and I never looked back. That's what I needed to get those lbs up.


Feb 21, 2019
I drink 1–2 cups of water at a time to ensure I get plenty to clean out my body. You should take mass gainer after a workout. Because mass gainers are normally packed with protein that your muscles need after a hard workout. So I would suggest take bulk mass gainer as your post workout supplement. (indianworkouts)