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Very Random - Dancing with the Stars Trivia?

Pig Vomit

Pig Vomit

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Nov 12, 2022
Was at a dinner tonight...the specifics of which I won't get into. Overheard this late 40's - early 50's short woman, tight body, very good shape, asked me what gym I go to, high beams on, named Nina, possibly from Columbia, make mention to a clueless married horndog player friend of mine (I was talking to his wife who was also there) something about being on Dancing with the Stars. I honestly I couldn't care less about Dancing with the Stars, Housewives, reality stars, etc. She is currently married to a lawyer. She was dripping in expensive diamonds. Dripping.

When we got back my clueless friend didn't have anything else to go off of other than I mentioned above. A bunch of drunken Google searches later, I've come up with nothing, and this is in my wheelhouse. Only wondering for the story, nothing more.

No, she isn't an Irish jockey (that was the only Nina from Dancing with the Stars I was able to come up with)!

Anybody got anything? We're all trying to figure it out and it's possible she was lying/exaggerating/we didn't hear it right....but three of us heard that. It was loud at the dinner. I would certainly recognize her from a picture, she was very good looking. Was wearing a short wig (I didn't notice this, someone else did, I'm clueless about this sort of thing).

Just like figuring out the truth and re-telling weird stories, not a star fucker. I don't watch much TV other than news/docuseries and have close to zero awareness of celebs. She was nice.


Jun 12, 2023
You do realize if any of us give you an answer we are going to be made fun of for quite some time for knowing the answer.
To be thorough they have dancing with the stars in other countries as well.
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