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Unique exercises



Sep 8, 2010
I'd like to hear from everybody here if you use and unique exercises and or unique twists on old exercises. I've got quite a few but i'll only cover a couple for now:

Reverse Hack Squats: You perform these facing the pad instead of facing away and really pigan toe your feet out, these really pound your Vastus Medialis and Rectus Femoris muscles of the quads and also pound your glutes.

Hack Squat Machine Good Mornings: You position yourself facing the pad and keep your feet at the bottom of the plate, these can be a bit tricky at first but make sure to keep your back tight and just imagine that the pads on your shoulders are the bar. You can use a fair amount of weight on these but make sure to do them slow and controlled. This exercise will really pound your erectors and hamstrings.

Incline Skull Crushers: I normally set the bench 3 levels above parallel and low the bar as low as I can behind my head as to get a better stretch in the long head of my triceps. These are alot easier on your elbows then doing them flat and they really hit the Lateral head of your triceps quite well.

Incline Tricep Extensions: Set the bench on a STEEP incline, about 2 levels below 90, and use a cambered bar on these, i bring the bar right down behind my head and feel a huge stretch in the long head of my triceps. These put even more stress on the long head of the triceps because of the incline and are great for added tricep thickness.

Toes out leg curls: Put your feet in a pronated position and just perform the leg curl like you normally would, doing them this way disengages your calfs from assisting in the movement so you feel it a great deal more in your hamstrings.

Ok i'm done for now i'd really like to see everyone elses little twists on stuff.