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Understanding HGH, Insulin, and Blood Sugar Levels



Sep 11, 2010
I have often wondered why people would take insulin 30 minutes after a GH injection, post workout. If your body naturally produces insulin to counteract the increased glucose levels of a GH injection (and the carbs from those of us who "carb up" during/after a workout), why the need for insulin? Would that not mess with your body's ability to produce insulin (naturally)?

I believe that this topic can quickly turn complex, and I will only be able to provide simple explanations of what I believe is going on with my Glucose and Insulin levels.

From what I understand, in the period of about one hour (depending on metabolism) Glucose and Insulin levels rise and fall with a meal. In a normal person having a normal meal, insulin levels will stay below glucose levels because the Insulin reacts to the glucose that you introduce into your body. After a meal, insulin will rise to meet the glucose level and help bring it back down to a "normal" range, after which the insulin level will dip below the glucose level.

The exception would be a meal or snack that is very high in sugar/simple carbs. In this case blood sugar will taper off more slowly (than our one hour example of a normal meal), drop below insulin levels, and then take a dive. I believe this is why people advise not to spike insulin via lage doses of glucose, and that this leaves your body unable to burn fat.

Suppose I have been taking GH for a month or so and that I have been monitoring my blood sugar levels. I notice that I do not have much in the way of a "spike" on my glucometer readings after meals, or even after an injection. One thing I do notice is that my glucose levels are higher first thing waking up than almost any other time, with the exception of the middle of the night/early morning. This is called "dawn phenomenon" where counterregulatory hormones such as growth hormone, cortisol, and catecholamines that are produced at night and cause the glucose levels to rise.

My levels never seem to be out of the range of 84 to 114 mg/dL. What I think is strange is that I have yet to see a 4IU GH injection cause more than a 4 mg/dL increase in glucose level. Meals also do not seem to get much of a reaction from me where most of my tests fall in the 90 to 100 range. I see the spike above 100 around 3 am and my levels are still high (for me) when I wake up at 7 am. For example I might see a 114 reading at 3 am and a 104 reading at 7 am with no meals or GH injections between bedtime and wake up.

So appropriate replies to this thread would be an answer to my original question of "Why shoot insulin after GH?" and also commentary on the following:

What would be the best time for me to take GH?
Is my body just doing a kick ass job of controlling blood sugar levels or should I be seeing more variance in my glucometer readings?
Is my slight dawn phenomenon NBD or should I make some changes to time of workouts/diet etc.?


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