UK Man used his HOME as a base to supply anabolic steroids

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    Police raided the home of a fitness fanatic and discovered a large-scale commercial operation making and distributing anabolic steroids, a court heard.

    In the last tax year alone, £123,000 was paid into 40-year-old Brett Wiltshire’s account and £121,000 was paid out.

    The 40-year-old, who earlier this year was convicted of revenge porn, admitted 11 offences of being concerned in the supply of a Class C drug.

    Jailing him for two years, a judge said: “The volume of what was going on was enormous. This is large scale commercial supply.”

    Police raided Wiltshire’s flat in Calder Road, Ringlestone, Maidstone, on September 24 last year and found “many items and substances” in the sitting room.

    Prosecutor Mary Jacobson said there were vials containing a mixture of fluid, presses for making pills, labels and airmail packaging.

    The labels had the appearance of being for legitimate drugs. There were four notebooks which “might be described as account books”, detailing the amount sold and profit made.

    On the day of the raid there were 660 millilitres of steroids in liquid form, 102.1 grammes in powder form and 2,929 tablets with a Superman logo, all worth just under £5,000.

    “This was simply a snapshot of what was found on the day,” Miss Jacobson told Maidstone Crown Court.

    There were transactions abroad, mostly to China and said Miss Jacobson: “Against this flow of money, records show the defendant was claiming benefit.”

    Muscular Wiltshire, who also supplied gym members and had links with a kickboxing club, boasted of making the operation the “number one lab”.

    He had many texts on his phone relating to buying and selling the drug. One spoke of the production having to be “ramped up”.

    Wiltshire in January became one of the first in the country to be convicted of distributing revenge porn. He was said to have become aggressive because of his steroid use.

    He admitted sending explicit photographs of his ex-girlfriend to friends on Facebook and was ordered by magistrates to do 200 hours unpaid work.

    Keith Yardy, defending, said in the latest case: “I asked how much he thought he made from this enterprise and he estimated £400 to £500.”

    Wiltshire had been in the motor trade for 20 years, he said, and received a payout for an accident at work.

    But Recorder David Jeremy QC said: “It is pretty obvious on the Crown’s case this is a large scale commercial operation. This paints a different picture to the one you are submitting.

    “On the face of it you are inviting me to treat him as a small street dealer.

    Mr Yardy said Wiltshire was involved in fitness training assisting kickboxers with nutrition and “getting them ready for competitions”.

    But said the judge: “He is the last person who should be around a gym or kickboxing. If they knew he was aspiring to develop the biggest illicit lab for drugs, they would not want him anywhere near the gym.”

    Mr Yardy said the drugs were used by people who made a lifestyle choice to enhance performance.

    Recorder Jeremy said texts on Wiltshire’s phone demonstrated that dealing in steroids was his job. He talked of making £10,000 in a day.

    He also spoke of stashing money at his mother’s home and loaning cash for extra income.

    “What was found in your flat was a snapshot,” said the judge. “In reality, the volume and sophistication of your operation takes you outside the (sentencing) guidelines.

    “You were taking advantage of that in order to make money. You only have to think about it for a moment to see how serious it is.

    “You used members of your own family to launder money for you. That is why only an immediate custodial sentence can be passed.”

    Leading the investigation was Detective Constable Marc Symonds, who said: "Steroids remain a prohibited drug, which should only by legally purchased by medical prescription.

    "However, as this case has shown they are often illegally bought online or through other sources.

    "Wiltshire was involved in the sale of steroids on a commercial scale. His actions greatly increased the dangers to those who bought and ultimately used these substances.

    "The risks from misusing steroids are more serious than many people think and can include heart attacks, strokes and other potentially fatal conditions."

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    Nov 29, 2013
    OK, that's it for me then. I always knew about and accepted the risks of heart attacks, strokes and other potentially fatal conditions, BUT I never knew steroids were a gateway drug to revenge porn.

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    Feb 27, 2011
    600ml of oil and 100g powder? lol wow that's big time. he basically described my own personal stash.
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    Oct 28, 2010

    You read my mind lol.

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    Nov 30, 2011
    123 in and 121 out?
    I hope some of that was buried for a lawyer.
  6. Lizard King

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    Sep 9, 2010
    Can we see some of these revenge porn examples?
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  7. MR. BMJ

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    I have no idea of what the heck revenge porn is, or what makes is against the law or on LE's!

    Is this like "Hate-fcking?"
  8. rawdeal

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    Nov 29, 2013
    you have a sexual relationship with someone.
    while everybody's happy, sexually explicit photos are taken.
    later, you 2 crazy kids split up.
    the other person may or may not be ok with the split, but they deal with it.
    you, otoh, are angry as hell, and you put those private photos anywhere on the internet you can think of, just to shame the victim.

    that's how I always do it anyway . . . . .

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