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Sep 19, 2010
First of all let me be clear. I'm a regular guy with a regular job and a family. I'm not a competitive bodybuilder or strength athlete. I'm 34 years old and work full time running my own computer repair business. I also teach BJJ for MMA 4 times per week. I'm in the gym 5 days per week and have worked out since age 15.

I say all this so you guys will understand I have no vested interest in any lab or brand. I'm just going to give my personal experience with AAS and what I have seen in the forums.

Here are a few things I have learned over the past few years of cycling. Some of this you may have heard before. Maybe this will help some new guys and keep them for making some of the same mistakes I have made through trial and error. These things I have learned are in no real order. If they offend someone, to bad. These are my experiences.

1. The more gear you take the more you grow. I know most of you who have been on the forums a while have seen this. Its not what everyone wants to hear but its the truth. All things being equal (diet, training, rest ect) the more you take the more you grow. You just have to ask yourself if its worth it both health wise and money wise. For some the answer is yes, for some no, its a personal choice. Also understand you can always add more later but its very hard to go back and see results. Example: I know this kid at the gym, about 23 years old. He told me his last cycle was 4 grams of test per week, 1,000mg of EQ and tren ( He did not say how much tren) He ran this for almost a year. Do you think this guy will ever be happy going back to 500-750mg of test per week?

2. Most underground labs sell some underdosed products or at least produce bad batches at some point. I have tried many underground products as well as HG. I also have friends who have tried many more than me for many years. At some point we have all gotten bunk gear or underdosed gear from underground labs. Thats not to say HG (human grade) is always 100% legit but most of the time its either a complete fake or completely real.

3. There seems to be a myth that human grade is much more expensive than underground labs. In some cases this might be true but from what I have seen with most sources if you compare mg for mg its works out to about the same money.

4. Winny tabs are for women? I have heard this many times in the forums and at the gym. This is a load of crap. Winny tabs when taken correctly and knowing what to expect work very well, IF you have legit winny. Some people don't want to do painful injections of needle clogging shit every day or every other day. Understand that because its going through the digestive system you will have to take a bit more for it to get into your system and have realistic expectations.

5. Take HCG at 250 iu during your cycle? You can, and it will keep the balls from shrinking. The problem is the estro sides. If you are already prone to estrogen related problems doing HCG all through your cycle will put you on the road to tits faster than anything I know of. I have found that a few larger shots still work very well for me at the end of the cycle right before PCT.

6. Have everything you think you will possibly need for your cycle before you start. That means before you take that first pill or do that first injection you have everything; PCT products, AI's , SERMS, HCG, pins, Bac water, everything. It also pays to have some things on hand you think you might never need like letro.

7. Never buy your PCT form a UG (Underground Lab) Why? Well if your gear is bunk or underdosed big deal, you just wont make the progress. If your PCT stuff is bunk you are fucked.

8. EQ is worthless? Bullshit! Its mild. Just like winny, proviron, and a few other compounds EQ is very mild. It also has almost no sides. I think this myth comes from meat heads who think it should be like Deca or tren. Well it aint. Also you have to take enough of it for long enough for it to work. Would you eat 180 grams of protein per day for a week and the deem the high protein diet ineffective? Try 600-800mg per week for 14-16 weeks, and keep your expectations realistic.

9. You need high doses of dbol? Nope. Not if your dbol is legit and dosed correctly. Anyone who has used real dbol will tell you 30-35mg per day is plenty.

10. Certain brand name amps have only .8ml of oil in them but still contain 250mg of test. Bullshit. The oil contains 250mg of test per 1ml. If the amp contains .8 ml thats around 200mg not 250.

11. If I get a 10ml bottle of test thats 250mg per ml thats 2,500 mgs of test? The fact is almost all UG labs short change the bottle by a mil or two. Always get one more bottle than you think you will need.

12. I can trust brand X because such in such board endorses them. Bullshit. The boards get paid from the labs to advertise on them. Of course they will defend them to the death. Never trust the words spoken by those who stand to gain by them. Don't trust what others on a board say either unless you know them personally. Most labs have "plants" or "nut huggers" that will always back them up. You will have two or three of them chime in and all have more posts than you. You wont win no matter how right you are. The up side is that most of these labs will quietly make things right with you to shut you up.

13. Shop around. In my gym its not rare to see a bottle of test selling for $150 and pink 5 anabols going for $1 each. Shop around so you don't get ripped like these guys. Also remember, if the prices seem too good to be true, they most likely are.
Get Some

Get Some

Sep 9, 2010
Pretty informational in the sense of experience...

The one thing I will say is that if you can find a good UGL, you'll have no reason to go anywhere else. At one point or another they are probably gonna get caught or hang it up. Until then, look for a good one. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE NEWBS MAKE IS ORDERING FROM THE VERY FIRST SOURCE THEY FIND (going along with your point #13). Sometimes it works out ok, but most of the time it's not. New customers can get taken advantage of without references to back them up. Sources hang around and sell their products by word of mouth (around the boards). If you're a newb then you have little cred and they maybe can afford to not treat you right. The bottom line is you have to consider many options before actually making a decision. Everyone needs a car to get to work....but they don't buy the first one they see.


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Sep 14, 2010
My advice to newbs is to put your time in and earn the respect of the vets then try asking for help. You should have a good base of contacts to ask to check out your prospective source.



Sep 25, 2010
The biggest thing Ive learned? Everyone is different and responds differently... Just like hormones made us grow and develop differently in our puberty years, they will do us all differently later in life...

Interesting thoughts... I strongly agree with some, not so much others, but those are your observations...

And personally, my growth isnt as fast on low doses, but it is sustained and continuous as I stay on, with less sides... To each their own...


Sep 22, 2010
IMO if you get used to focusing on DIET many other things fall into place.