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    Jun 12, 2017
    I would like to set out here a discussion I had some time ago with some of my colleagues from an American steroid forum for women. Although what is used by the Brazilian forums is to repudiate the use of testo in women, the American forums are not so much afraid of this, so much that cycles of testo propionate and deca are increasingly becoming common. However, the subject of the discussion stopped the use of trenbolone in advanced feminine cycles.

    One of my colleagues also manufactures steroids and sells them to bodybuilders and recreational audiences. Although there are so many possibilities for an advanced female cycle, including using testo, he told me that lately there is a great fear of many girls participating in the bikini category in using GH, especially for those wishing to change into the Wellness category Physique). On the other hand, what possibilities for fat burning could they have? Led by these needs he developed a formula containing 5mg of trenbolone and 60mg of estradiol propionate. At first, for fear that this would cause strong virilization (even with the addition of estradiol) he tested on animals without presenting physical changes and behavior in them.

    It took him until he found some girl willing to be a guinea pig. After the cycle of 6 consecutive weeks applying the TSD preparation, she achieved formidable results of fat loss and muscle gain.

    The reported side effects were: weak (but continuous, migraine-like) headache, mood changes (not much larger than a TPM, throughout the cycle), greening of the urine, increased libido, and increased breast volume cause of prolactin, which was controlled with Carbegolin), and virtually no clitoral augmentation (Almost unbelievable, but 100% true!). She gained 10 kilos and lost 6% of BF. After that, he started marketing his product, showing a "guinea pig" book as proof of the results.

    The discussion itself was about how far steroids can be used in women and whether any steroid could safely be used by a woman without virilization. For me, there are limits on this use. Not every steroid is indeed safe and not every woman, in fact, could use steroids. I know cases of women who had a virilization principle using oxandrolone! Although there is a relative consensus that certain steroids are safer and there are less safe steroids, after seeing one of the pictures of the girl who used my colleague's trenbolone (who is a stripper, as he related to me), I was astonished! I never imagined such a good result coming from such a tiny amount of trenbolone, and all this without virilization.

    Naturally I strongly advise against any woman who might use trenbolone, but as they say, the mind that opens to new knowledge will never return to its original size. Even though the dangers are great, from what I've seen the rewards are so great!

    See you!

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