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Toronto Pro Supershow



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Sep 20, 2011
competitor list was realeased today.. i follow womens BB and physique pretty close.. some HUGE shockers in this list

Men's Pro Class

Grigori Atoyan
Troy Brown, Team Canada
Fedel Clarke, Team Canada
Jon Delarosa
Vaughn Ettienne
Seth Feroce
Renaldo Gairy, Team MUTANT & Team Canada
Bruce Patterson, Team ADVANCED GENETICS & Team Canada
Darren Toma, Team Canada
Bill Wilmore

212 & Under Class

Ahmad Ahmad
Lyndon Belgrave
Patrick Bernard, Team Canada
Raul Carrasco Jimenez
Guy Cisternino
James Darling
Myoba Ewards, Team Canada
Jason Marcovici, Team Canada
Muhammad Massom Butt
Lukas Osladil

Women's Pro Bodybuilding

Kim Buck
Laura Carolan, Team Canada (was retired for like a decade.. first time back.. same sponsor as me Boo Yeah Muscles by Meyers!!()
Laura Davies, Team Canada
Lisa Giestrecht, Team Canada (won pro card in 2011 nationals.. competed top 5 in physique like 3 weeks ago in USA)
Alevtina Goroshinskaya
Gillian Kovack, Team Canada (won Pro card at North Americans.. rumor was she was going physique.. Alberta girl originally Aussie.. first pro show)
Janeen Lankowski, Team Canada (won pro card at North Americans last year also.. (canadian chicks clean up down there)... first pro show
Cathy Lefrancois, Team Canada (prob favorite FTW)
Wendy Mccready
Frida Palmell


Fiona Harris, Team Canada
Sherry Boudreau, Team Canada
Allison Ethier, Team SLIMQUICK RAZOR & Team Canada
Vanda Hadarean, Team InterActive Nutrition & Team Canada
Jodi Boam, Team Canada (chick beat me in fitness in 2010 lol.. won her pro card that year)
Whitney Jones
Somkina Liudmila
Tiffany Robinson
Danielle Ruban, Team Revolution & Team Canada
Tanis Tzavaras, Team Canada
Nikki Venzara


Leah Berti, Team Canada
Natalie Waples, Team Nutrabolics & Team Canada
Becky Clawson
Ginette Delhaes, Team Canada
Yolanda Esteso Sauri
Jessica Farrelly
Aleisha Hart, Team Canada
Catherine Holland
Mona Muresan
Gennifer Strobo
Louise Rogers
Rosalind Vanterpool
Natalie Calland
Janet Lynn West

Women's Physique

Nicole Ball, Team Canada SERIOUSLY switching to Pysique one of canada's TOP FBB!!! crazy
Debbie Barrable-Leung, Team Canada
Michelle Blank
Lyris Cappelle, Team Canada (went Pro in BB in 2009 IMO perfect physique shape!!)
Gloria Faulls
Amie Francisco
Ceaanna Kerr
Marina Lopez
Tammy Patnode
Rhonda Lee Quaresma, Team Canada (BB pro from a long time ago.. troubled history)
Janessa Roy, Team Canada (canada's ONLY physique pro competing in physique.. won in Winnipeg at the Natural Nationals 6 weeks ago (and my buddy lol)
Kim Tilden, Team Canada (from my new town.. won i think 2008 pro card in figures)

Bikini (i dont follow this class)

Natalie Abrhiem
Sandy Avelar, Team Magnum & Team Canada
Leigh Brandt, Team Whey Gourmet & Team Canada
Michelle Brannan
Genevieve Brodeur, Team Canada
Jennifer Chapman
Katie Chung Hua
Dianna Dahlgren
Ashley Harbour, Team Canada
Dayne Maleton
Veronique Morin, Team Canada
Justine Munro, Team Canada
Heather Nappi
Cecile Palacios
Jessica Paxton, Team Optimum Nutrition
Kristy Robbin
Casey Lee Trailer

the same weekend also has the Ontario Provincials.. Ill be competing, so yeah im a week out from show..

they also have an expo, powerlifting competition, arm wrestling, crossfit challange, strong man, model searches and like a million other things going on! ITS HUGE!!!
Toronto Pro SuperShow i dont know if i am allowed to post links, sorry if i broke a rule!!
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