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Top 5 Runners Supplements



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Nov 12, 2010
Top 5 Runners Supplements

As a runner, I know what it is like to try and squeeze every ounce out of my training in order to try and set a PR at my next big race. I love the spirit of competition and nothing beats the feeling of placing at a local or national race. As my career continues to develop and I find that training alone is not sufficient to compete with the big boys, I've had to look for other ways to improve my training and race times.

So what are the best running supplements? There are a lot of supplements for runners that can be used to make your training better. The best running supplements are those that can provide energy during runs and aid with recovery afterwards. We've all had that long run where we just run out of steam or the interval day where we just can't seem to find our proper pace. Although nutrition and rest play a big part in that, I recommend several supplements for runners to keep you properly fueled for your running training.

For energy and endurance, some of the best running supplements are products like NO-XPLODE or Endurance Fuel. Although they function differently, they both provide a boost to help you get more out of your runs. They can also be used as race fuel and implemented as part of your pre-race routine. I put both of these supplements on my list of best supplements for runners and recommend using both. NO-XPLODE will pump your muscles and aid in the blood flow during strenuous exercise, while Endurance Fuel or Ultra Fuel will provide a 3 staged carbohydrate energy rush for pre, during, and post workout needs.

Some other supplements for runners that I recommend are a multi-vitamin and whey protein. Multi-Vitamins are a no brainer, especially since as an endurance athlete your body will require more vitamins and minerals than non-athletes. Regarding whey protein, although there is a lot of debate about the benefits of whey protein for endurance athletes, I believe that the extra protein makes a great reserve fuel tank and also helps your muscles to heal and recover faster. What is the point of training hard if your body will not reap the benefits of the training?

When it comes to race time, the best supplements for runners are energy gels. I think the best energy gels are made by Gu, but I have also heard great reviews about Cliff and Hammer Gels. During long races, I recommend taking an energy gel every 5-6 miles to keep your body fueled properly. However, make sure you drink plenty of fluids and try to avoid too many of the caffeinated gels. I've made the mistake of doing otherwise and it cost my body tremendously by the end of the race because of the glucose imbalance and a case of the jitters. However, as long as you take the recommended dosage and practice training with them before a race, you will be able to develop a formula that works for you.

The best supplements for runners are those that bring added value to your training and races, and I think the above list does that. Although there are a few other supplements that may benefit you, I would start with the list above and then move on from there.

By Nathan Hangen
mike ross

mike ross

Dec 18, 2010
calling bs to some of that article or post. NO Explode is junk for a runner, complete crap...plenty of good stuff for runners out there, trouble is most of it doesnt taste good to them. alot of it has potassium citrate to buffer lactic acid.