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Top 5 Questions Women Need Answered To Start A Fat Loss Program



Aug 11, 2010
1. Will Weight Training Make Me Look Bulky?

Weight training is simply the only way to achieve the toned look most ladies want.
The one thing I hear constantly is ladies saying "Well I don't want to get too big or bulky". Ladies, we simply do not naturally have enough testosterone in our bodies to become bulky. If you happen to generate more muscle mass than you want, stick to lighter weight and higher repetitions.

At this point I have personally achieved good size to my arms and must therefore stop lifting heavy weights. In order to maintain the current size I have lowered the amount of weight I lift and increased the number of repetitions I perform. At one point I was bicep curling 25 lb dumbbells for 10-12 repetitions.

Now I bicep curl no more than 15 lb dumbbells for up to 25 repetitions. I have also added more sets. On the other hand I still lack width to my back so I still go heavy on back days. I also feel obligated as a Latina to have a high and rounded behind so I still use heavy weight when working my glutes.

Aside from creating an ideal physique, weight training is very positive for women as it significantly reduces the risk of osteoporosis. In fact, weight-bearing exercises are the only exercises that enhance bone growth and stop bone loss.

2. Won't Carbs Make Me Fat?

Nope, not true, we certainly need carbs to lose fat as well. Without the energy from carbohydrates you simple cannot burn the calories necessary to lose fat. It is all about nutrient timing.

For the most part, you should stick to complex carbohydrates which you can find in foods such as oatmeal, whole wheat bread and brown rice. Try to keep most of your complex carbohydrate calories within the earlier part of your day and taper them off as the day goes on. You can however have a small amount of simple carbs immediately after your workout along with a good source of fast digesting protein such as a protein powder.

These fast digesting carbs will aid in the absorption of protein into the muscles. The reason for this is that after rigorous exercise your body is devoid of all glucose. If you only have protein after your workout your liver will turn a percentage of the protein into glucose thus causing minimal muscle tissue absorption.

Personally I like to have my protein shake and a slice of raisin bread, which provides 14 grams of fast digesting carbs along with pacifying my sweet tooth.

3. Do I Have To Stop Eating At A Certain Time In The Evening?

Nope! Actually your body needs protein before bed. Think about it, while you sleep your body is without food for approximately eight hours. During these hours your body can resort to becoming catabolic. In other words, your body will begin to eat muscle tissue thinking you are going into starvation mode.

This is why it is important to have a slow digesting source of protein before bed. A chicken breast or some lean fish is perfect. If you prefer a shake, you can have a scoop of Casei protein, which is a slow digesting form of protein powder.

4. What Exercises Must I Do To Get Rid Of This Certain Spot?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as spot reduction. It just so happens that you hold more fat in certain areas than in others. When you lose body fat you lose it equally throughout your body, and since you hold more fat in certain areas, those areas are the last to lose the fat.

For example, I don't see the last of my fat come off my legs until the last minute before my competitions. So no matter how many sit-ups you do, it will not get rid of the love handles. Getting rid of fat takes a combination of cardio and diet. The weight training will be handy when you finally do lose the fat.

Remember that after losing fat, your skin will be flabby, as it has been stretched a bit. Having muscle tissue in place of the fat will keep skin looking tight and will give you a curvier look. Stick skinny and flabby isn't as nice as curvy and toned.

Weight training is also important as the more muscle tissue your body carries, the more calories it must burn on a regular basis in order to maintain the muscle tissue. The key is simply having the perfect recipe made up of diet, cardio, and weight training. Without one of the ingredients the finished product is just not as good.

5. What Should I Have For Breakfast Lunch And Dinner?

You shouldn't be having breakfast, lunch and dinner! You should actually be having about six meals a day. The only reason we typically eat three meals a day is due to the industrial revolution. If we were eating six times a day work would never get done! Unfortunately our bodies suffer greatly due to this change.

Originally humans were hunters and gatherers eating throughout the day. It is necessary to eat every three hours in order to keep your body from thinking it is not going to get food anytime soon and going into starvation mode. The human body is intelligent and is programmed to store whatever it can if it believes a time of starvation is possible.

Think of your body as a car with a small gas tank. You can only fill the tank so much, if you try and fill it past that point, the gas will spill out. But since the tank is so small, you must refill the tank frequently.

In the same way, if you ingest more than the necessary calories in one meal, the calories will spill over and be stored as fat. So in order to teach your body that it is not going into starvation mode and can freely burn the ingested calories you must eat small portions approximately every three hours. This is the definition of speeding up your metabolism.


Women sometimes have a hard time understanding that lifting weights is important when trying to achieve an ideal physique. Now you know that you can't get too big, we just physically aren't capable so don't be scared to hit the weights. Besides looking good, lifting weights will increase bone density thus decreasing the risk of osteoporosis related fractures considerably.

You now know to allow carbohydrates in your diet, as they are necessary for fat loss and protein synthesis.

You don't have to stop eating at a certain time! Chow down proteins at night for muscle maintenance!

Again many women have a hard time understanding that less food does not lead to less fat. Never be hungry again, eat every three hours to continue burning that fuel.
Remember that there is no such thing as spot reduction, so just keep chipping away at that rock and you will eventually achieve your masterpiece. Include all the ingredients to the recipe and you will surely succeed. Though it is truly a challenge, do not become discouraged and give up. Stick to your plan of action and the benefits you reap will be more than worth it.