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TID 2022 Thankful Thread



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May 23, 2011
This has been one of the hardest years my wife and I have ever had. We have almost 34 years together and I thank God that I have such an amazing partner in life. We have gone from the poorest of the poor when we first got together where our weekly food budget was less than $10/week to times when spending $1000/weekend out of time was a normal thing (yes yes I should have saved more). We have been through several major weather-related losses that made us start our lives almost over but we survived and got back on our feet. We are struggling now as Most of you have seen my other post about being somewhat "homeless" but we still have each other and honestly this place (Thank you TID) for a group of REAL folks that care about others even if it's on an anonymous level.

Life is tough but no matter what the obstacle is if we keep looking at the positive life can still bring joy and happiness to our lives. We may have to look closer during these dark times but I am thankful that I am alive, have an amazing wife, and have a roof over my head (for now).

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you bitches!!!


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Nov 16, 2022
Great topic. Feel like that’s what’s lost on a lot of people today, folks spend too much time worrying about what they don’t have….and not enough time being thankful for what they have.

I have a lot. I’m still alive and in good health, my parents are still alive. That in itself should be a mic drop. I have a high probability (99%) of being promoted soon, which will come with an entirely different pay structure and incentives package. If not I still love what I do. My training and diet are on point. My truck is paid off. My nieces and nephews are on the right track and killing it in school, expect some big time admittance letters to be rolling in. I’m single, and there are lots of ladies looking to mingle. I still have most of my hair (aside from the very top). I still keep in touch with my long time friends and overall my family is doing well. Recently I was fortunate enough to make a donation to a local youth sports program that will help area kids participate. It’s a blessing in itself that I can do that.

For me, everyday starts with a reminder to be grateful for life’s gifts and thankful for everything I have. All of the above isn’t a brag, it’s just that I know how fortunate I am and thank God for the blessings.


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Apr 2, 2013
Been a rough past two years for me. I’m thankful that I have been resilient and conquered it all. Beat prison time I was facing over false allegations, had 6 Emergency Protective Orders dismissed because they were bullshit, got permanent custody of my youngest two kids, lost my home and my career because of it all but found the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, etc. It’s been a wild ride but thankful I kept fighting and made it. Also incredibly thankful for my friends and family during it all. I got lasik this year, courtesy of my girl. So thankful for that, it has been life changing. Thankful for all of you guys, even if LK smells weird. Thankful to have gotten myself back into the gym hardcore through the past two years. Thankful for these gains. Thankful for tren, npp, test, Var, and gh Thankful I’m not in Ukraine. Tons of stuff. Happy thanksgiving to all of you.

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Nov 29, 2013
That's right, what are you all thankful for besides me giving you a place to all come and complain??
Thankful for my Wife, my Dogs, for my hoped for ability to continue providing for them, and for the other Dogs I have owned whose timelines ran out.

Thankful too for FD's (current) success leading a diaper-free life, and for LK's continuing success providing this place for the rest of us.


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Oct 10, 2010
Thankful for my wife’s love.
Thankful for being alive even though the manipulated societal order is full of a lot of shit now days.
Thankful for my autonomy and critical thinking.
Thankful I’m tolerated here at the forum for many years.
Thankful for our sponsors here.
Thankful for everything else I’m thankful for that I didn’t think of to post here!


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Dec 23, 2010
I have to be honest that reading these posts brought a bit of tear to my eyes....Perspective is so important. Be grateful for what you have and not hateful for what you don't have. Like some have already said it CAN get much worse.

The way things are going politically/economically/medically the cards are stacked against us making it harder and harder to "live within the cracks" of sanity. Having a group of like-minded brothers to share ideas with makes it a little easier. Thank You Iron Den for providing this forum!


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Apr 23, 2011
Thankful for another comeback looking at moving out to my own place next month staying with my sister and brother in law after having bad medical issues fuck me up never thought antibiotics would paralyze me and destroy my tendons. Fucking pharmaceutical industry fucking scamdemic making things tough been a rough go but definitely light at the end of the tunnel
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