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Thoughts on the FBI and IR$



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May 23, 2011
Just curious if everybody's thought about what's going on with the FBI and investigating Trump. I know there's a lot of trump haters out there and would love to see him be burned at the cross. What scares me is using the FBI on American citizens for a fishing expedition.

Now the flip side with this new bill that are illustrious new president just signed is going to weaponize the IR$. I've been self-employed for over 20 years and I keep horrible accounting but I pay my taxes but I've heard stories where they don't take almost 100% proof If you can't convince them and they're happy that they just pretty much ruin your life.

Y'all's take?


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Mar 17, 2011
I have a prediction.

When the FBI targets a Democrat, the Republicans will cheer them on saying it's just justice being done.

When the FBI targets a Republican, the Democrats will cheer them on saying it's just justice being done.

Both political parties are cults full of mindless sheep.

Backing politicians from either party is an act of treason.


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Dec 25, 2010
The doubling of the IRS is good for no one. Did you know that tax receipts are at an all time high, and yet we're running a massive deficit? How can that be? Because no matter how much revenue is brought in, there will never be enough for Congress. That is because their power is tied to their ability to disperse money/subsidies, etc. How much money is in the climate change bill and the inflation reduction act? I think they total about $1.6B. Hilarious, let's print money and call it inflation reduction!

There are not enough rich people to generate the type of money the government is looking for. The middle class is where all the money is, and while the rich are going to get shafted, as they typically do, the middle class is going to get theirs as well. As in most agency proceedings, the process is the punishment. You can spend $10,000 in legal fees to avoid paying the extra $2,500 in tax, or you can run the numbers like a good boy and determine that it's easier to comply.


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Oct 17, 2010
Until the fed quits printing money, there is no need for taxation. Simply print the money. Printed about $6 trillion the last couple of years. What's another 1.5 or 2 trillion every year?

Taxation is used to divide, conquer and control. Example: Take 10 or more strangers, lock them in a room, and divide them by income. Then try and get them to cooperate on paying for anything. They (left alone) would probably work it out. But, if there is an outside force in charge of deciding who pays how much based on how much money each person has or makes, jealousy, envy and entitlement will eventually drive separation.

"Progressive" taxation is crazy. It creates terms like "more fair" and "more equal" - these are not possible.

The tax code is simply used for control and tracking purposes. Artificial intelligence has not caught up with what they really want to do - so they hire intimidators to enforce the totally unnecessary collection of work product.

Eventually, AI will send a robot dog to your house to fetch what you owe.


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Jul 7, 2021
It's interesting to see people's opinion shift over time.

At one point and maybe even now, people wanted strong business people in government supposedly because their business prowess will be an asset in government. The ROI on investing in the IRS is astonishing, in FY2020 the IRS returned $100 for every $0.35 spent if IRS reporting is to be believed. As far as business decisions go, it's a no-brainer to invest into that magic money machine.

(Source: Table 31

When choosing to elect people to run the government like a business, who did they think the government was going to squeeze for money if not the very people they govern?


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Nov 1, 2010
So my fizness (fake bizness) needs to be legit now? Damn. Lol


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Dec 25, 2010
I think compliance with the tax code is proper. I think the tax code should be reformed to make it more simple, which makes it easier to comply with. I think a simplified tax code also takes power away from the government, as they then can't use the tax code to encourage certain behaviors or discourage others.

Perfect example, the home interest deduction. Why do we have it? Because the gov't wants to encourage home ownership. OK, if home ownership is good (and I think it is), why does it have to be encouraged? Does some idiot from Princeton think I can't figure out what's good for me without his help? What happens upon enactment of the home interest deduction? Well, you now can qualify for a larger mortgage loan, and so now there's more dollars chasing the same amount of housing inventory. What happens when more dollars chase the same supply of goods? Housing prices rise (artificially). So very quickly, your "savings" gets subsumed by higher housing prices, which are a boon to the real estate agents, who get their commission based on the sale price, and the local tax authority that collect property tax based on the valuation of your house. Hey federal gov't, thanks for nothing!

More IRS agents allow the Federal government more power to harass taxpayers with the process. Remember, the process is the punishment. And who do you think is going to get all the extra attention? Has the IRS shown itself to be fair and unbiased over the past 10 years? LOL


Dec 12, 2010
All 3 letter organizations are criminal and most have deep state and cabal ties
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