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Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids' started by Jeff403, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Jeff403

    Jeff403 New Member

    Mar 23, 2017
    So I guess the only way is blood work? (Which I'm guessing is really expensive) I know when I got my testosterone level checked it was like 400.00 I have know idea what others cost.
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  2. Gms585

    Gms585 VIP Member

    Mar 17, 2017

    Only sure fire way is blood work for test and gh.

    You can pay to have gear test but its hard to find a solid testing lab and its pricey.
  3. Warrior45

    Warrior45 TID Board Of Directors

    Nov 9, 2012
    You can order blood work online depending on what state you live in. Look up privatemd labs and check the pricing. Its way less than 400 for Testosterone labs.
  4. rawdeal

    rawdeal TID Board Of Directors

    Nov 29, 2013
    This bloodwork you got . . . . was it thru your doc or did you get it independently? A doc may have added a profit margin fee on to that . . . . . .

    THESE guys are 100% legal in all but about 5 or 6 States. PMD has a long and complicated menu, there's "ala carte" tests, and there are what my cable tv guys call bundles. The long menu includes what you are after, ala carte, or with other typical medical screening bundled in. Note that some Test tests only report your level (to YOU) up to 1500. Others will report your number (to YOU) as high as whatever you're really at. GOTTA read the menu carefully, there is a toll-free # where someone will consult with you, NOT on medical issues, but on what order best matches what you want. There is a monthly code # that'll get you 15% off, someone here usually posts it, if not, pm me.

    PMD takes your online payment, emails you a script. You take that to the recommended local Lab for the actual blood draw and testing, it is likely it is a Lab your doc would use. (I am not on commission btw, lol)
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  5. mycustomprotein

    mycustomprotein Member

    Dec 7, 2015
    Here is the thing about Eroids... The platform is perfectly ideal for sources to be reviewed by peers to create a safe environment for people to read reviews and make informed decisions about their source choices. The way Eroids is set up could be an invaluable tool to all but eliminate scams by fake sources. However, there are a few negative aspects that take away from the experience of what could be a perfectly ideal experience.

    If you are a fake source on eroids, you will not make it far, and you will be called out and lynched by the overwhelming mob that is eroids. You hear some people say that sources pay for reviews, and that bad reviews are deleted and it is a scam site. In all of my years of abundant activity on Eroids, this simply isn't true. Like I said, if you are a fake source, you will bombarded with bad press and nothing can stop it. Here is what does happen. The moderators on Eroids are there to protect the sources from getting scammed by members as much as they are there to protect the members from being scammed by sources. Members scam sources more than sources scam members by saying they didn't receive something, or a product was fake, because when they say these untrue things, they expect sources will send them free gear to shut them up. If you have a source with a hundred good reviews, and suddenly a bad one pops up, and you don't have a concise argument with proof of an intent to scam, sometimes the Mods will jump in to protect the source from being scammed by the member.

    Here is another thing that happens often. When a good source pops up on eroids with potent gear and good prices and fast delivery time, they are pummeled with customers as soon as word gets out. They can go from having a few orders a week to twenty or thirty orders a day in no time. If a source is not prepared to handle this rapid expansion of business, orders can get backed up and start taking a long time to ship or just get lost in the confusion. A source that gets rapidly popular can get completely overwhelmed and fold. Now the last people to order say they ordered from what said to be a high quality source and got scammed, when the source really was just completely overwhelmed with orders.

    A very negative aspect of Eroids are the moderators themselves. They have become megalomaniacs and completely corrupted by their power. Eroids is very popular, and to be in good standing in the community you are at the mercy of the moderators...and they take advantage of that. They take advantage of this to the point that they have become the quintessential trolls themselves. If you are new and want to say something on there about anything, chances are either a senior member or a moderator are going to find something wrong with what you said and shit on you and make you feel stupid. This does not create an atmosphere of free thought and open discussion.

    With all of the potential Eroids has of being a great source discussion forum, as with everything, the people, moderators and users alike, ruin the experience of a good theoretical platform.
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  6. Big B

    Big B Member

    Mar 28, 2017
    400 for bloodwork??? 75 for me via doctor office...
  7. Torres

    Torres MuscleHead

    Sep 16, 2013
    Eroids is where I get 5W20 oil for my ride , Awesome !!!
  8. bossman

    bossman Member

    Sep 26, 2014
    Torres you goat copulator, what are you doing here? lol
  9. Torres

    Torres MuscleHead

    Sep 16, 2013
    Boss !!! What's up brother !!!
    I've been on here for a while now . I try to stay as active as I can , but sometimes I go awol !!!
    Listen bro , leave my goat out of this , lol ;)
  10. ceo

    ceo VIP Member

    Oct 12, 2010
    And eroids absolutely does that...even though they might claim otherwise.
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  11. ceo

    ceo VIP Member

    Oct 12, 2010
    That does happen. They not only delete bad reviews of sources who pay, but they will delete good reviews of sources who do not pay.

    This statement right here is most likely the reason why the things stated above absolutely do happen.
  12. TheCBman27

    TheCBman27 New Member

    Jul 28, 2013
    Man just skip eroids and go with Naps. They test their shit. I have been using them for 6 years and literally no problems. Great customer support and shipping. Yeah, I sound like a dick trying to sell a good source but seriously, they sell themselves if you look at their site. Also, great prices can't beat em. 100% my go-to and forever loyal.

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