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Things I’ve learned since I started arm wrestling…



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Feb 3, 2011
1.) muscle soreness/pain is so much better than ligament/tendon/bone soreness and pain.

2.) training like a strongman, powerlifter, bodybuilder, etc, does NOT prepare you for arm wrestling

3.) wrist/hand strength is so much more than grabbing and squeezing

4.) size/looks mean very little

5.) arm breaks happen and are louder than you expect

6.) number 1

7.) number 6

8.) did I mention the searing, debilitating pain in your humerus and elbow?

9.) the only real money in arm wrestling is when you smash loudmouths for $100 at the bar

10.) I just felt like stopping at 9 was weird


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May 27, 2013
I'm no arm wrestler by any means, but I got a funny ass arm wrestling story.

During my first ever business trip, I went to Houston for a week when I was 23 or 4. I let a smoking hot texas girl I met at a bar talk me into leaving and going to a party with her - dumb move. Got to a party with about 50 local frat looking dudes and 5 chicks, and me from out of town with the hottest one.

I could feel it in the air that it was only a matter of time before I got jumped, and I told the girl I was heading back to my hotel. On my way out a couple dudes near the door told me I couldn't leave until I arm wrestled this spanish Bull Hurley looking guy. I beat him, got up from the table and made a bee line for the door.

Called a cab from way down the street once the coast was clear lol.
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