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Theragun Use for pre or post workout



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Feb 15, 2013
Anyone use the theragun (or any brand thereof) for any uses pre or post workout? My trainer uses his religiously before any workout. Hits the muscle bellies before the targeted workout.

Last leg day i had with him, he mentioned that my calves were tight and that this may help. Well he used it on me before the work out and really hit the legs, glutes, hammies and calves. It was a super great workout and seemed to help range of motion.

I think what i was doing on my declines for things like the squats, that i'm not engaging the front part of my lower leg. IF that makes sense. Meaning i'm not pulling myself down, but rather letting myself down with the weight and just pushing up with basically the knees lol. I noticed when i really concentrated on like the pendulum squat that i really focused on that and bringing myself down, it was lighter on the knees.

Maybe this post should go in the training area lol.


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Nov 4, 2010
Any pics, a visual would help :)
genetic freak

genetic freak

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Dec 28, 2015
I have not tried it, because I am a cheap bastard. However, I know a lot of trainers using them. Works great on the larger muscle groups. I have had a couple tell me you can actually damage the smaller muscles using the theragun due to the piston stroke being too long. I also watched on ThinkBigBodybuilding where they said a chiropractor was saying some people were getting bone bruises from the theragun when used on small muscled areas.


Apr 17, 2022
I have one but do not use it around my workouts. I use daily to try and help break up scar tissue from pinning. I also use 1 to 2 x a week for rehab and mobility work


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Sep 21, 2010
It's all same just like foam roller or floss band. All it does is tricks your nervous system to release tension for a while and the effects last about 5 min before the tightness returns. It can be used between sets to get in better position of movement and you must f0 loaded movement in that particular joint or muscle to secure the new acquired position.

It can be useful at night watching TV to relax.


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Sep 30, 2011
I have a similar product that I got at Fleet Feet by adaday I believe and it works wonders, super powerful or lower if you like with multiole attachments one about the size of your thumb in diameter that worked really well on my upper forearms where the elbow area starts.
using it mutiple times per day in that area helped me with comfort for Mtn Biking incredibly until I was able to get the surgery.
Post or pre workout I never used just for therapy and I gave it an A++


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May 23, 2011
Yes yes yes before and after a theragun is beneficial in both cases.

Static stretching before workout is a horrible idea the muscles are cold you have a higher chance of pulling a muscle. Dynamic stretching, foam rolling, massage/theragun before workout or all fantastic ideas because you're warming up the muscles they're going to be a lot more pliable, they're going to move a lot smoother and you're going to have a better workout. Now with that said you want to keep in mind that you don't want to overdo it or you're going to fatigue the muscles before you get to your workout.

Any of the methods is just going to add additional blood flow and you will have less "warm up" sets so you would be able to put heavier loads sooner into your lifting.

After workout same benefits blood flow but more relaxation on the tail end of your workout will increase blood flow which will in turn help you recover faster.
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