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The US war against Russia



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Jan 3, 2019
I don't know if the point has been made yet, but I see this as overleveraging the US and intentionally for our collapse.


TID Board Of Directors
Feb 3, 2011
We will not engage Russia unless they engage us here on our soil.

Russia will not engage us here on our soil.

Therefore it really doesn’t matter if we can beat them there or if they can beat us here.

Biden is brain dead but cannot declare war.

Putin is crazy but doesn’t want to lose, die, or be ousted.

I’m not wasting any time on Ukraine or the issues they’re having. Not my issue. And I served and love a good battle. Still not a concern for me.


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Nov 29, 2013

"The Domino Theory" emerged in the wake of WW II.

It explains everything about how the world's major players have done things ever since.

Leaders from the minor leagues are just trying to make it to the Majors, and, most of the time, leaders from anywhere, and their sons, stay at home, while they command others to do their bidding. :mad:


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Oct 17, 2010
Can someone remind me the last time Russia lost a land war? Their historical list of wars dates from late 1200's to now. That is about 800 years. All of the wars were over land and resources. We focus on communism, socialism, etc.... all BS in the global scheme of things.
In our 200+ year history, we have done the same thing. Just more wars in a shorter time period. Natural resources, the petro-dollar and global markets. That is what we want. We want Ukraine and Russia's natural resources.

We can not beat them there. They do not need to beat us here....our current leadership is handing the keys to China/Russia and the new BRICS alignment.

Ukraine IS the deep state headquarters. Biolabs all over the place. Money laundering puppet state.
NATO has been expanding towards Russia for years.

Russia has been experienced three major invasions - Mongols in 13th century, Napoleon in 1812 and Hitler in 1941. NATO creeping up on them looks no different to them.
They are defensive, understandably so, and are a nation and culture that is used to war and hard times ON THEIR SOIL. We are not.

Good book to read - RUSSIA: THE STORY OF WAR.

But, we do have some things going for us. We are woke and are greatly concerned with equity. We cannot define what a man and woman are.
We still have a good Navy and a shit-ton of nukes. None of these things prepare us to invade Russia. They only make Russia more defensive. And historically that does not work out too well long-term for the invaders.
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