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"The Story" of Mrs.V.



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May 29, 2011
"The Story" Of Mrs.V. From 450lbs To 150lbs

Okay, here it goes, the "Story" everyone has been DYING to read... A NOVEL?!?! Probably...Sorry...:p

First off, YEP, been FAT my ENTIRE life...Even as a kid...At LEAST 50 lbs over weight at ANY given time until my 20's and then from there it went to 100 lbs, 200 lbs and 300 lbs, overweight...

At the age of 29, I weighed in at 447 lbs...Went to the doctor and he informed me that I WOULD be DEAD within two years from the weight...I smoked 3-4 packs of cigarettes a day and had NO cares in the world and couldn't walk from the couch to the bathroom without stopping three times to catch my breath...I actually WANTED TO DIE at that point...

Back track the first 29 years of my life in just a few short paragraphs...I came from the type of parents that, for some stupid ass, fucked up reason, thought that ME cleaning MY plate COMPLETELY, would SOME HOW save an Ethiopian from starvation...This was my ENTIRE life...Statistically, the numbers in Ethiopia of people starving has NOT gone down, if anything it has gone UP...So be it, when I lived at home with THEM, I would actually have to STAY AT THE TABLE until my plate was CLEAN...I was the kid throughout my ENTIRE school years, that got made fun of...I wore the "slapped on the back" "Wideload" signs, tripped for no apparent reason what so ever, other than the kids thought it was funny trying to watch me get back up, asked out on pretend "dates" by the "hot guy's" only to be laughed at as they walked away by the cheerleaders and everyone else that witnessed the "asking"...I was picked on, put down, pushed around and made fun of EACH and EVERY single day...And was known by the name "Fatbox"...Most likely because I was 5'4" tall and equally as wide and favored a BOX with those dimensions...I am now 5'2" from all the weight loss, did you know you had FAT ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FEET, I didn't, but you DO ( a total poundage loss of 320 lbs, WILL make you SHORTER )...You also have to take showers with detachable shower heads so you can get clean in those NO WAY TO REACH PLACES ( don't forget to take it to a hotel with you too, because they do NOT cater to the [larger] person )...Nor can you do simple things like wipe your own ass clean...Much less try to get ON a ride at an amusement park because you get STUCK in the turn stall at "Its A Small World" at Disney World...And when they DO get you UNstuck, you get on the next ride and the 3 VERY large guys have to push down on the bar crushing your lap on the roller coaster and quietly say to you "little lady, bear with us, we will get you in this thing and NOT embarrass you in front of all these people by asking you to get out"..Only to help you off the ride as you walk away with thousands of people watching as you DON'T get to take the ride with the rest of the people that waited for 3 HOURS like you did...And the next day have equal bruises on BOTH thighs the size of BASKETBALLS...

At 23, I married my 1st husband because FAT PEOPLE DO NOT GET MARRIED and I had a dumbass that asked...So, YEP, I married him...And I really DO mean DUMBASS..The guy COULDN'T add 2+2 without using his fingers, but I didn't care...I was having a WEDDING, something FAT people do NOT have...3.5 years later, I found out that fat people also get DIVORCED!!! We tried to have kids and THANK GAWD, were UNsuccessful ( no ties this way )...I knew it was ME that had the fertility problem ( the doctor put me on Clomid [wound up being on it for a total of EIGHT YEARS] ),because the divorce was because there were FOUR women pregnant at the same time and they ALL were prego by HIM...Ces't la vie...

In 1996, I married husband number 2...He & I BOTH had to be rolled in flour to "go for the wet spots", or shall we say nicely, we were BOTH quite HUGE...He 350+ and me at the whopping 447 lbs...On February 2, 1998 at the age of 29, I wore a size 54 MENS pants, size 9X shirt, had a 92 OUNCE STOMACH and measured 80 INCHES AROUND at the hip, stood 5'4", I underwent a Gastric Bypass in hopes of saving my life...I went into surgery with only a 2% chance of coming off the table alive...Brought in the living will that was suggested by my doctor and told NO ONE about the % at ALL...NO ONE...PERIOD...I figured I was going to die in a couple of years being buried in a grand piano case or die THAT DAY TRYING to save myself...I DID almost die on the table and even remembered a portion of the surgery...My doctor told me a few months later when I had the balls to ask him about it..."Yep, I was losing you and the Anestheologist was told by me to bring you back out...I didn't care what you saw or felt, you had too much determination and will and I was NOT going to lose you"...So, he saved a life that day...MINE...

From February 1998 to THE SECOND DIVORCE, I lost down to 220 lbs...We divorced because I had "lost too much weight" and "didn't look" like the same person anymore...He called me at work one day and said "I can't do this anymore"...I got home that day to him gone, his shit gone and the dog gone...I MISS THAT DAMN DOG to THIS day...We too had tried to have children to no prevail...( Another thank gawd because of the [ties] situation )...In this time period, I also started going to the local gym 7 days/week, 3 HOURS/DAY...1 hour aerobics, 1 hour step aerobics and 1 hour of weight training with a professional "trainer"...In quotes because HE was NO TRAINER at ALL...We accomplished VERY little in the 3 YEARS I WENT TO THE GYM, still at the 7 days/week and 3 hours/day...He DID finally admit we had gone as far as we could with the "sagging skin" problem and I would be STUCK looking like I did...Arm saggage that just HUNG under my arm and I couldn't even WAVE at people without making a "farting" sound from the skin flapping against my body...I TUCKED my stomach in LIKE A SHIRT when I got dressed in the morning and when I laid on my back I would have to lift my arm over my head for a nipple to be found...Divorce #2 DONE...And the beginning of the STARVATION that I did for the next 11 YEARS of my life...Eating LESS THAN 1g of fat/DAY...If I had 1g of fat today, I would eat NO FAT PERIOD for the next 3-5 DAYS...In the next 11 YEARS, I MAY have eaten 11 MEALS...And THAT is ALMOST not an exaggeration...

Married husband #3 in 2000 and 5 months later, found myself 5 WEEKS PREGNANT and 132 lbs...YEP, the former "fatty" that could NEVER EVER HAVE CHILDREN because the OB-GYN said the weight had CRUSHED EVERYTHING, was pregnant...9 months later and 98 lbs HEAVIER, I welcomed a little boy into this world...SEVERAL miscarriages later, I gave UP on having baby #2...The FINAL straw was losing TWINS at ALMOST 7 MONTHS pregnant ON MY BIRTHDAY...Nope, ONE was IT...NO MORE...Tubes cut, tied, burned and SUPER GLUED CLOSED...I completely STARVED myself to get the extra weight off and went through a series of 15 surgeries ( some of them were "touch ups" or deflated or leaking "boobs" )...I woke up one morning with one really pretty boobie and one deflated boobie, called my plastic surgeon AT HOME ( Hell, I bought him a new Mercedes, so I by rights had his HOME number ) and told him I was in BOOBIE HELL...Boob fixed the VERY next day...Husband #3 & I had BEEN having problems from the time my son was conceived, when I, at 7.5 months PREGNANT, was WEED-EATING our property that was WAIST HIGH ( just to give you an idea at the level of laziness this man has ),so in 2007, the 3rd separation took place and since there was a child involved, divorce wasn't final until January 13, 2009...

On October 30, 2007, I met, TOTALLY NOT LOOKING FOR, MY SOUL MATE, .V....He certainly was NOT looking EITHER...He had buried a wife of 15 YEARS in April of 2007 and could have CARED LESS about meeting ANYONE on that day in October...THIS MAN I WILL DIE BEING MARRIED TO and if he joins this forum, VERY QUICKLY you will KNOW THIS...He and I are inseparable and to THIS VERY DAY still sit on the couch to watch a movie and HOLD HANDS...

.V. is a 22 year veteran Paramedic and not just because I call him my hubby do I say he is a genius, but he REALLY IS...Would STILL say THAT if he left me tomorrow...He is AMAZING in his knowledge in the medical field and HE has CURED HIS OWN MS through diet & exercise, not to mention his OWN obesity ( weighing in at 300 lbs himself and now down to a HOT, HARD, MUSCULAR 190 lbs )...He is NO LONGER using his CANE, NOR WHEELCHAIR...He does TRIATHLONS and we own our own Personal Training business, DarkSide Muscle, which you are MORE than WELCOME to visit, as the web address is in my profile...When I met him, I was a VERY SQUISHY 170 lbs...Looked DAMN good in my Levis, but was literally POURED into them...We married on March 13, 2009 and I told him to "fix" me too...Cept it was my stretched out skin and I wanted muscles too now...Ok, so the chemically STERILE ( because of his MS ) man and SUPER DUPER FIXED woman, GET PREGNANT...Don't ask..WE STILL have absolutely NO IDEA how THAT happened...Other than, it was "something in the air"...MY LEGS...Ha Ha, but seriously, WE WERE PREGNANT...Well, we lost that pregnancy and then later lost our SECOND, yes I DID say SECOND pregnancy as well...No pregnancies since then...And since .V. has a 15 year old daughter & I have a 9 year old son, WE HAVE TWO and TWO is SOMETIMES, TWO TOO MANY...They ACT LIKE BLOOD and what is HILARIOUS is, THEY LOOK LIKE IT...People are ALWAYS asking us who THEY belong to because THEY are DAMN near identical in their features...Whats REALLY odd is SHE looks like ME as well and since our son looks like our daughter, we laughingly say...We don't know WHO .V. belongs to...Ha Ha...There are NO STEP ANYTHING'S in OUR HOME....V. is known by the name "daddy" ( and if you read in my journal, occasionally & affectionally called "asshole" by me in the gym when he tells me to "Shut the fuck up and lift" ) and I am called "mommy", by BOTH children...

Because of the 11 YEARS of STARVATION, when .V. MADE me go to the doctor, I found out that I was DYING ANYWAY...Malnutrition...How was I supposed to know you have to actually EAT to LOSE WEIGHT...And "fat" was a GOOD thing if eaten the CORRECT way...Who knew?!?! .V., thats WHO...I have done EVERYTHING that man has TOLD me TO DO for ALMOST a year now and I AM THE BOMB compared to EVER in my ENTIRE LIFE before...

So, here we are, 2011, made it passed the wedding, kids finding out we ELOPED to Vegas...We made it passed telling BOTH sides of our families to FUCK OFF and MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS, telling ALL friends that were against us to FUCK OFF as WELL...Apparently have MADE it through the "Rapture"...We have for the past 2 YEARS, been busting our ASSES in our gym...It is ALL documented in my journal at the progress made since .V. & I met and I asked for his help...I am NOW a TIGHT, HARD nothing but MUSCLE 151 lbs...BECAUSE OF HIM, his VAST knowledge & expertise in nutrition...And HIS LOVE FOR ME...

So there you all have it...Even some of you from my "other" forum, OLM...Now you ALL know THE NEW GIRL'S "STORY"...:)
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Sep 20, 2010
thanks for shareing ...I can tell u really put your heart into this post....i repect that and it shows your down about what we do here.....very good post....and a great story.....i hope u contuine to be apart of this great board......deadweight...


Friends Remembered
Oct 11, 2010
Thanks for sharing your story, very dedicated with a lot of heart and soul.

Welcome to TID! glad to have you here.


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Jan 26, 2011
Damn good story! Thanks for sharing with all of us here at TID. Tell Mr. V to hurry up and join this board the one and only board that anyone needs. You put in alot of hard work and it shows! Congrats there lil lady!


TID Lady Member
Mar 17, 2011
interesting story. thanks for sharing :D cant wait for you to bring MrV on board!
Kosher Fried

Kosher Fried

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Mar 7, 2011
That is a powerful story, for sure...thank you so much for sharing...awesome to see someone come back from the brink...and i dont mean just lose some weight, but total lifestyle change both psychologically and physically...that is something and extremely small percentage of people are actually able to do, regardless of how hard they try



TID Lady Member
May 29, 2011
This forum, thus far is incredible and I thank each & every one of you for your words of encouragement and your compliments...They are MUCH appreciated...

Between me and Irish, Grizz, Rocco, DangerousCurves, Chrome and a few of the other familiar faces, I DO hope we can get .V. here...He would add SO much information y'all would probably want to boot us OFF the site...:D

You guys have NO CLUE at the heart & soul that SOME PEOPLE REALLY DO HAVE on the internet and simply want to help where they think they can...This is what I shall TRY to do and if .V. gets here, WILL DO...:)

Again, thank you all,


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Sep 24, 2010
Now thats an intro...good to see you over here Mrs.V. Welcome to the IronDen.


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Sep 27, 2010
Interesting read and great work !!!!

Welcome to TID and look forward to reading your posts.