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The posts of GH15 are very interesting and revealing

Mike Singletary

Mike Singletary

Sep 8, 2010
The posts of GH15 are very interesting and revealing. Everything that was written in the "bible" is the ideology, practical knowledge, true, by which we open our eyes to the reality of bodybuilding. There is no way to say otherwise is simply too know about it, and is evidenced not only by texts on hormones, that is someone really smart, with a critical sense and good training, values ​​and other characteristics that make up a person's personality . It is very evident that it is really a bodybuilder, by dealing with the matter of narcizista way ... the texts are there to be read or not, as well as pornography is there and can be accessed by a 10 year old. The disseminator facilitator is the internet, it's there for everyone! The information shall, given the fact that it would be impossible to maintain monstrous bodies such as we see today. I do not see why criticize someone who conveys the truth of the sport! He never said it was not necessary to devote to the last strand of hair to be a champion, just put black on white, showing the way to go, that does not mean it will be easy or healthy ... he explains how to be a bodybuilder in today, no lies, playing fair! Let's drop of frills and form opinions on the facts. And the fact is that this is too much for some people, me, you, the world does not want to believe that everything is linked to the abuse of hormones, no one wants to believe it, but the full truth ... we are not hypocrites !!! I own an enviable physical and I'm natural, never made use of steroids, training 3 ½ years, 1.84, 86kg with 9% bf today understand that I am close to my natural limit, no matter how much I improve my food, my supplementation, in short, if this look is not enough for me, the use of hormones will need ... now out sending Trenbo Ace + GH + some Testo without stopping never, man, he explains very well what it's about professional bodybuilding ... if the guy you want to have a shape like, have rather to consider the use of hormones consistently ... in no time he said he was healthy, he said you would arrive at the visual x if you do y, z ... using hormones a, b and c ... that's all, that's the face ... do not be offended ... are teachings about things that no study, the study is being generated right now! "The knowledge we learn from the masters and books. Wisdom, you learn is with life and with the humble. "


Senior Member
Sep 15, 2010
You are endowed with a huge knowledge, and is very smart, I'm not here to attack or blaspheme thee against you, since your blog helped me a lot in my early decorated in bodybuilding and so thank you.

But I am GH15 reader and do not agree with this your post. First when you call the GH15 "irresponsible" if we look at it this way, you are also irresponsible, because here in your blog you explains protocols. And this business of sentimentality ... this is not the main factor of bodybuilding, you know (but not publicly exposed) that no effort, dedication, love of sport, will provide someone, reach 130 kg and 6%, you'll tell me that from the 90s began to grow medical abnormalities, genetic beasts, giant by nature? The answer to this is in the hormones and their great abuse in sport. What about the egg whites, actually has a cost-benefit much better than any whey protein. I take 8 raw clear a day over a year, and never had any health problems. When I started reading the gh15, you actually see that it is the purest reality. And it is impossible to gh15 be a "13-year-boy" is impossible for a kid to be endowed with such knowledge about the bb, and I followed the teachings of gh15 and really has no comparison with what they say about training, diet, etc. Well congratulations on your blog, this is my analysis of your post.
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