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The Area of Balance



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Mar 6, 2011
This concept may seem so basic that is does not require any explanation. Yet many times the fundamental factors are overlooked or forgotten, while more complicated factors are stressed. For this reason, I am calling your attention to the basic law of lifting in the following paragraphs.

In lifting, the Area of Balance is created by the base of your feet. Any time the bar travels beyond this base, whether it is behind or in front, you have lost control of the barbell. When this happens the barbell will control your movement if you want to save the lift.

The Area of Balance is between the middle of the heel bone and the balls of the feet and the first joint of the big toe.

The barbell is not like a yo yo, which you can throw away from you and pull back with the snap of the wrist. If you weigh 200lbs and swing a 400lbs barbell (or for that matter a 200lbs one) away from you, you will end up traveling forward with the barbell if you want to regain control of it.

In all your lifting, whether it is for push jerking, snatching, or deadlifting keep the bar traveling within the Area of Balance for maximum efficiency. The bar must travel within the column of air space created directly above the area your foot covers.

In pulling, keep in mind that for every forward or backward movement of the barbell out of the Area of Balance, you are losing the height of the pull in direct proportion to the distance the travels out of the Area of Balance, besides loosing control and efficiency.