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Tennis elbow fix



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Oct 28, 2010
A long term fix and not a band-aid is flossing your elbow and working your extensors. Most have it from overworking their flexors. The floss will help get new nutrients to the area and clear the crap.
Sounds good, I'll look into it more and then give it a go.

*note to self: google "flossing your elbow"


Dec 18, 2022
If anyone struggles with tendonitis this is the only thing I've found that doesn't take it forever to heal. I first used it several years ago after having it for longer than I care to say. I was searching through boards and the general internet I didn't know what else to do besides take a few weeks off.

I ran across this and decided to give it a try. Here is a stock pic-

View attachment 11970

It improved by 75% in the first week and was nearly gone by a week and a half. I couldn't believe that shit. It happened about a year and a half later and it knocked it out faster since I didn't let it get bad.

It goes around your forearm directly under the elbow. It has an air cushion that puts better pressure on the area. I found it's best to take the time to get it adjusted correctly in the beginning. Too much pressure and it will make it more sore as the hours pass, not enough pressure and it won't heal/heal fast.

Good shit though if anyone runs into this problem.
I need this for sure
Pig Vomit

Pig Vomit

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Nov 12, 2022
These do help, the earlier the better. I let mine go too long, ended up having surgery because I was too stubborn to take a couple months off to let it get better. The surgery worked, but it was very painful and the recovery time is fairly long. Afterwards, I kicked myself for not resting it and letting it heal, would have kept me out of the gym for far less time than the surgery did.


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Sep 21, 2011
Not sure what is going on recently. There seems to be a huge number of people all of a sudden getting tennis elbow. I am just getting over it myself. I think mine was caused by sleeping on my side with my arm in a bad position. I have tried to correct that as much as I can, as well as trying to avoid movements that make it worse, which is harder than it seems. I was about to order a few things like noted in this thread, but waited to see if my corrections helped....and it appears they have.

I have really bad (r) shoulder and neck issues, so at night my arm will fall asleep if i sleep wrong, and if I am out cold, I will not know I am in a bad position until an hour or many later.
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