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Tbol vs Dbol



Mar 24, 2022
Okay, you are one of those guys.

I have bloods done prior to cycle and a couple times throughout depending on what I am running, maybe every month if it is something new or crazy (which I don't do anymore). However, if it is a cycle I have ran many times before and I do not notice any sides outside the normal I might only do blood work once during the cycle just to see how things are going.

In regards to the impact of halo, anadrol and d-bol on my liver, I know how they impact my liver. I have taken each one while on 500 mg of test each week. I took halo for one week at 10 mg a day prior to a meet. I had bloods done the following week. I don't remember exactly how many days, but I would guess it was 3-4 days after the meet. I went from having a normal liver panel to having enzymes that had my doctor drawing up a half dozen more tests.

I can agree that mg for mg d-bol and anadrol are probably have the same impact on the liver, but at the effective doses for building muscle I don't see it. I need to run 100 mg a day of anadrol to get the same effect of 25 mg of d-bol. Now I know some people can run 50 mg of anadrol and get some benefit, but it didn't do anything for me at that dose. You could also argue there are those you can run just 10 mg a day of d-bol and get a ton out of it. After 30 days of 100 mg of anadrol my liver enzymes were well outside the normal range, while I have ran 25 mg of d-bol for 60 days and just started to get outside the normal range.

Never ran superdrol and likely never will even if my coach suggests it.
Brother, I don't expect you to be anyone but yourself, I just think that maybe we got started off on the wrong foot here. I was responding to your tone and repeated line of inquiry that is clearly from a perspective of persistent doubt that I actually lift or use AAS. I run into this a lot on the boards with guys that scoff that I put value in science. But I get it.

The only compound of those listed that I've never had bloodwork run on is Halo (so I don't doubt what you're saying - I'd just be curious to see exactly which values were elevated, because it would run contrary to what I expect if it included GGT).

I ran Superdrol at 10 mg for 3 weeks and it did mildly elevate GGT (and ALT, AST). Not to mind made me a prick and lethargic towards the end. But it gave very rapid strength gains and a full look.

I have often (more times than I can count) run Adrol at 50 mg (works GREAT for me) and Dbol as well, though in this case, many years ago (this one seems to make me hungry more than anything, but I fondly remember some fun casual hookups that seemed like they fell in my lap while on it, so I look fondly on Dbol) and never had anything that concerned me (with respect to liver enzymes) on these doses for up to 6 weeks with either drug.

In any case I think elevated liver enzymes short term (and rapidly reversible) are not too concerning. I worry far more about the cardiac morphological and left diastolic functional changes that persist far beyond normalization of blood work values. As well as potential nephron apoptosis.


TID Board Of Directors
Sep 30, 2011
The best dbol I ever used came from Indonesia back in the 90's called DUPA. It was made by Syntex. After that, for the price, it was either the Thai pentagons, or the cheaper than hell Revorvit-B from Mexico.

Dbol made me pretty strong, not as much as Anadrol, but it was better than most other things I used.

I can feel both dbol and tbol after about a week, give or take a few days. Both give pretty good strength. For me, Tbol and Anavar feel close to the same, but I look better on Anavar. Tbol is usually a bit cheaper, though these days, the price of Anavar has went down considerably, so i'd opt for that as a top choice. That said, it can be good to switch it up.

Fack me on this thread, I didn't even read the first page, lol. I'm gonna have to post and then go read it:eek:
Ahhhh YES those delightful 50ml jugs of Reforvit B.....that was some good stuff back when Mexico was worth something.
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