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Synthetine - Lipid (Fat) Transporter for FAT LOSS!



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Jan 30, 2012
If you haven't tried our Synthetine you are missing out.

Whether you need to cut for a contest or just get leaner. Synthetine can and will help. Just check out what some of our customers from Professional Muscle are saying about it:

mountaindog1 said:
I just wanted to give a ringing endorsement for synthetine. I once again got in what I think is pretty freaky condition with it. I use 2 mils before weight training sessions for 10 weeks. Didn't load it, in fact I didn't even jump start it with insulin for 2 weeks like I did last year. The results were awesome. Fat just melting off and fullness was great.

Just supporting this product because it's real and it works awesome...period.

Jblack said:
Have to say the Synthetine is the game changer this prep for me. I was looking at a peak week pic from last year vs my 8 week pic this past saturday and was like wow! But the one thing I love most from this product is the energy I get from it. Its good clean energy and I love it.

Now Elvia - I am 173...3 ml cool all before fasted cardio? I am currently doing 2ml pre fasted cardio and love it. Just did not know if 3 would be beneficial or not the way I do it. I do cardio 5am and train 9am. I really do not have a way to do the shot with my work and the way it all is in regards to that. PS - you look great buddy.