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Dec 20, 2017
after doing some research i decided to try the syntherol to help grow my bicepts. my arms measure 17" flexed cold, maybe another 1/4" pumped. my tris take up most of the room as i seem to have good genetics there but not so much with my bi's.
I'm using the protical of 1cc inner head and 1cc outer head per day x 10 days . And then 2 more 10 day rounds using more cc's per inj. I use a 21g to load and 25g 1" to inj. The article I read for this protical said to use a 1/4" pin and shoot really deep. How do you shoot really deep with a 1/4" pin? Ive been burying the 1" and can only hope this is OK. The first 10 days were as follows;
days 1-4 as planned.
day 5 skipped
day 6 = 5th round.
day 7 skipped.
days 8-12, rounds 6 - 10. I read that for more thickness and length you should shoot more on the inside head and less the outer head if not concerned with the peak. So for days 8-10 I shot 1.5cc in, 1cc out.
day 13 skipped.

day 14 + 15 were 1st 2 days of 2nd 10 days @ 1cc in, 2cc's out.
day 16 skipped
day 17+18 round 3+4 @ 2cc's in, 1cc out.
day 19 skipped.
day 20 round 5 @ 2cc's in, 1cc out.
day 21 skipped.
day 22 is today, Monday 5/14. I am half way through the 2nd 10 day run. The 3rd 10 day run will be 3cc in, and prob stay at 1-1.5cc out. Funny this is that I'm having a easier time shooting the 2cc's in the inner head than the 1cc in the outer. So far my bi's are starting to look better and maybe a 1/4" gain. Hard to do a proper flex so any real growth prob. wont show for awhile. As you can see the 2nd 10 day run is taking longer than the first. This last shot seemed to be pretty painful for the first 24 hrs so there was no way i was shooting on time. Ive been using a heated massage vibrator. It weighs a good 10lbs and has 2 1" balls spaced about an inch apart and it really allows me to massage the inj areas really good plus the heat really gets the blood flowing. i also have one of those bungie cords with handles on each end so i can do high rep curls so all that has kept any lumps from forming at all.
Any advice ??? Thanks!
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