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Jan 30, 2012
Here is the latest blood test submitted to us by long time customer and forum member Phidias.

They show a drastic reduction in the liver enzyme values through the use of Synthergine.

Accompanied with the blood tests are an email from Phidias describing his experience in further detail.

These are the kind of results you can expect each and every time you use Synthergine. You will not need Another liver protection/detox product ever again!



As promised in my last email, you'll find attached before/after bloods.
The first blood collection was on July 7th, and though it took a little time to
have a second one done (October 21st),I think the results are relevant
enough liver wise.

ASAT went from 83 IU to 33 and ALAT from 190 to 66. Still a bit high
regarding that last one, and I honestly think it was due to the five straight
days of paracetamol I used just before the test to treat a flu I had caught...
I should have waited a few more days. Nontheless it still gives a pretty
good idea of Synthergine's positive effect.
Especially considering this was on top of the orals being run at the time
(dbol & a-50).

I'm confident my next blood sample in a few weeks will show good normal

May you decide to use it, please just hide my doc's name and mine, and the
lab localisation. And also the thyroid part on the after test...

Wish you a great weekend!





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Dec 17, 2011
Synthergine sells itself because the results speak for themselves every single time.


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Jan 30, 2012
Some comments from Phidias on his experience with Synthergine:

Phidias said:
I have to admit I was pretty amazed myself when I got the after ASAT/ALAT results... values nearly 3 times lower! :confused:

I mean... I had red all the testimonials about Synthergine before using it and therefore knew it would work to some extent, but like with everything else, as long as you've never used something yourself, you can only hope... damn, the results clearly went beyond my expectations!!! :headbang:

To this day still a mystery to me, :D that was the only product from Synthetek I had never tried in 10+ years yet relying on Synthelamin and Synthetine... when actually it should be a stapple in every health concerned bodybuilder's arsenal... I guess I thought using Liv52 and Silymarin was enough to protect your liver... that first blood test I did obviously proved me wrong. :banghead:

Though after many years trying, I've finally made up my mind and gave up on my dreams of becoming a pro, which to me means I'm now just enjoying training/eating well without using any AAS or PED's of any sort (yes I'm definitely smaller... but still look better than most "on" ;):p),I must however reckon I've greatly abused myself over the years... without really paying attention to the adverse consequences health wise of my choices.

I'm glad tools like Synthergine do exist to compensate for the crazy behaviors we tend to have in this sport. :)

And just a thing, guys: don't think the only thing that can damage your liver are 17 A.A. Orals... EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING we use go through the liver... even just the baby aspirin you take ed can seriously impact your values... same goes with Nolvadex... one of the most hepatic unfriendly substance... just read the notice. I could go on... :p
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