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SynthePURE Comparison - How Much Protein Is In YOUR Protein?



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Jan 30, 2012
The subject of protein is an ongoing debate. Which protein is best and which should you buy etc.

We were curious as to how our product compared to the competition so we did a little research and put together a table for comparison.

Below is a list of products from some of the major brands in the industry and their protein/carb/fat contents per 100g. All figures were taken from the website.

protein comparison.png

We have also included in the list the products mentioned in Magnus82's thread not too long ago shown in the photo he posted.

Each or the products shown are 30g!

Left to right: Synthepure, ON Isolate, Muscle Milk, and Eas Whey

protein comparison-2-magnus.jpg

It was surprising to say the least that we were able to find products that are labelled as Isolate with a protein content of in the 70% range.

This is concerning when Isolate by definition is a product meant to be of higher purity than concentrate and should not be below the 90% mark.

Whichever product you are purchasing, whether it be ours or not, please take the time to analyse what you are actually getting for your money as some of these products are clearly not worth the packaging they are contained in or the labels they are wrapped with.
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