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Swapping Training for Cooked Proteins



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Feb 15, 2013
This is for the win. It is sorta training related (has to do with my personal trainer).

Recently, my hubs and I use the same personal trainer. So we may him roughly $600/ every other month (that gives us 10 workouts each). I workout with my trainer 2x's/week religiously.

My personal trainer is a single male (well, not married, but he's slayin it for sure),and I food prep every Sunday. So i got to thinking and i know him very well, if he would be open to swap me cooking for him in exchange for personal training sessions. He was open the idea and said yes. It would save him time (which, time is money). I asked him if he would prefer meals, or just proteins cooked or what. He said yes just proteins. So even better!

So this is the second week i've cooked for him. The first week i cooked up 93% lean ground beef and it equated to approx 3lbs of cooked meat and 93% lean ground turkey.
I bought however much raw weight would cost for 2 workout sessions. Put them in ziploc bags and gave him. He said the beef was great. I seasoned the heck out of it with some Code 3 Spices (my go to spices). I used the "5-0 Rub".

Not sure how long this will go on, and told him we can switch of and on if he wants something else. So i just text him on Sunday to find out what he wants for the week and cook it up.

Bartering system at its finest really.
But seriously it is a win-win. I get my training and he gets cooked protein.
I even through in some sautéed onions and mushrooms last week and this week.

He did text me a few days in last week and asked me to teach his girlfriends how to cook LOL.
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