Supposedly Big Ramy's cycle

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    Oct 28, 2010
    Gonna be a bit snarky guys,

    I agree that most cycles posted on line are bogus, but like Titan says the numbers are not as ridiculous as most think. The issue is believing it because we relate to our own experience which makes it hard to accept. So, we say nah it's genetics and we feel better because that is the reason the pros can take what we take and they get huge and we dont...hmm so the guys in the 70's and 80's had poor genetics compared to today too I guess?

    I will be the first to agree that in all competition the cream will rise to the top and that can not be disputed. However, I believe thing is overlooked with this blind attitude. Obsession, you dont become a top ranked pro without being obsessed. And for many we could add narcissism. How much would you take if you thought more gear was the difference between 3rd and 1st...but wait no pro would do that because they are so smart. No, on the contrary Bostin may be an idiot, but his obsession is common. The guys are bigger today because on average they take more. Sure GH and slin play a huge part but then again I suspect pro's play it safe because too much is unhealthy.

    Do, I know any pros? Just one but the amatuer levels guys and girls are as reckless as they have the money to be...and Plers are not immune either trust me. 4g a week and 200 drol a day is no myth. I know this first hand, but then again I dont rep 800 lbs raw.

    So, how hard would it be really?
    200mg drol is what is often recommended by physicians...some mild bp meds/diuretic makes this easy...hell I have run 100 nbd. So thats 1400mg

    Test, I know where to get a 500mg sust blend (great stuff)...just 2cc's a day would be 7,000

    Add 1cc of tren E 300 and there is another 2,100 for a total of 10,500 on just 4 pills and one syringe ED.

    Not that hard really, but no pro would dare do this.


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