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Steroids in Asia - All You Need to Know



Aug 28, 2010
THAILAND - Pretty much every AAS you need can be purchased over the counter, major manufacturers you'll find are organon and thai brands like BD or Body Research. You will not find tren . You might find EQ if you're lucky, but it's going to be some weird off brand and possibly fake. Primo looks good but is probably fake. You will find PCT very cheap, and head meds like valium and xanax if you ask around. Simply hit several pharmacies in Bangkok, as the price varies, although the selection doesn't.

JAPAN - Illegal for sale, but legal for personal use, and to import a 2 week supply into the country. There are no conditions of what entails a 2 week supply, so this really isn't an issue. Japan has a fairly active body building scene, with guys that are obviously on in the major gyms. Not good understanding of dosages or PCT .

VIETNAM - Forget about it. You can hardly find a shop that sells cold medicine, let alone AAS. Do not go to Vietnam to juice, go to Vietnam to get laid for 20 bucks.

INDONESIA - No. Not available. You can however pick up ephedrine in pharmacies here, unusual for Asia.

CAMBODIA - Similar to Thailand for narcotics, but a random sampling of pharmacies did not get any AAS. Xanax and valium were readily available and cheap. AAS cannot be purchased in Cambodia. Not many people know this, but Cambodia is legally like Amsterdam when it comes to getting high on the fine weed. Go to Cambodia to get high and visit Angkor Wat. Do not go to juice.

KOREA - No. Don't even think about going to Korea unless you like cold weather and lots of kimchi.

MALAYSIA - Have not been to Malaysia, but his contacts tell him that head meds are readily available, but AAS are not. More of a cultural thing than a legal one it seems, as working out is not something one does.

SINGAPORE - Available on the black market, but do not even consider any kind of illegal drug in Singapore. At best you will be deported if caught. At worst you will be imprisoned and possibly caned. I find the Singapore women to be the best in Asia though. Visit after concluding cycle in Thailand.

CHINA - Powders legal and widely available, manufactured powders not sold without a prescription. Tools needed to convert powders are not readily available. No real bodybuilding scene.

I hope this helps some future travellers.


Nov 2, 2011
so i can go to china and pick up an RX for a kilo of test Ent Powder? My kinda town.

Jason Sharpe

New Member
Jul 16, 2018
Anyone still on this thread, heading to Indonesia for work and wondering if I can bring my Test/Deca injectables with?


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Jun 15, 2018
Anyone still on this thread, heading to Indonesia for work and wondering if I can bring my Test/Deca injectables with?
I've had a flight into Jakarta and took along my Rx test and pins in my carry on. No issues. No questions. No scrutiny.

It's a potential nightmare to be caught "smuggling" in "drugs" to that country as they are known for executing drug mules and generally being hard asses. Not sure how AAS are viewed there.

How long are you going to be in the country?

Do you have a script?


TID Board Of Directors
Sep 30, 2011
Anyone still on this thread, heading to Indonesia for work and wondering if I can bring my Test/Deca injectables with?
I suggest STRONGLY research the legalities and or repercussions yourself as opposed to taking some random keyboard warriors advice on something that could end up with you incarcerated in a foreign country.
If being on cycle during that time frame is even worth it or necessary.


Bad Mother
Sep 27, 2010
I have my doc prescribe 1mL vials in quantity to meet the mg's needed for duration of my stay. Then I have the pharmacist individually label each vial with script info. Haven't had even a hint of an issue yet. If you fly with UGL...plz delete your account here first.