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Step By Step instructions to homebrew Testosterone enanthate



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Dec 31, 2011
Any suggestions on a scale? Also, every time it cools, the crystals come back. Do you think the tren separates from the b.a.? If so, then what is left is much more concentrated tren, correct?
Is this Tren A? You can't brew it much more than 125mg/ml or it will crash.


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Mar 5, 2021
Homebrew example #1

Ahite bros…im gonna go through a step by step process of making homebrew injectable, for this example I am going to simply use testosterone enanthate.

I am going to make 10 bottles of testosterone enanthate at 10ml per bottle. That is a total of 100ml substance and we will make it 250mg/ml

For this we will use a BA/BB ratio of 2/18, meaning 2%ba and 18%bb, you really don’t “have” to have bb in this but it helps thin out the mixture and allows you to use less ba, making the shot painless and you could easily go up to 400mg/ml if you wanted to

1) Plug all variables into roid calculator,
Here you will put in oil ml’s=100ml
Dosage is going to be 250mg/ml
Leave the powder weight at .75, this works fine for most everything
Ba, plug in .02(2%)
BB, plug in .18(18%)

This will give you the following according to the calculator
-61.25ml of sterile oil(I prefer grapeseed)
-25.00 grams of enanthate powder
-2ml of BA
-18ml of BB

2) Use a 500ml beaker and sterilize it as best as possible, not a huge deal as we will filter what we pull out of it. Take the 25.00 grams of enanthate powder and put in the beaker.

3) place the 2ml of BA and the 18ml of BB in there, this is easily measured out with a 10 or 20cc syringe. It will appear as if this isn’t enough to dissolve all the powder, but it will.

4) put a frying pan on the stove top at heat level 3 or so, I like to put some water in the pan also. Next set the beaker with ba/bb/powder in the pan and let the water/pan heat up the beaker. You will see the powder start to “melt” or dissolve and it will make a mostly clear solution. You can use a glass rod to stir and speed up this process

5) After the ba/bb has dissolved the powder, Now pour in the 61.25ml of sterile oil and leave the heat on and stir with the glass rod for a few minutes, you will have a nice clear mixture.

6) next I like to turn down the heat to 1 or so for the mixture to stay warm……filtering the mixture while warm is much easier than when its room temperature.
Place your new 18g needle through the rubber stopper and into a 100ml bottle that is sterile of course. Put the .45 whatman filter on top of the needles just as in a fina conversion.

7) Use a 10ml syringe to draw out the warm oil, push the oil through the whatman filter and into the sterile glass vial. The larger the syringe you use the harder it is to push the oil through there. I usually use a 30ml syringe to draw out the oil from the beaker and then back fill the 10ml syringe and push with the 10ml syringe as its damn near impossible to push it through with a 30ml.

8)after it is all pushed through you have 100ml at 250mg/ml of a sterile and safe injectable steroid. Some like to bake to sterilize even further at this point but I for one do not find it necessary if you have sterile ingredients. I have taken literally hundreds of cc’s and never ever had a sterility issue, the ba does its job in keeping it sterile!

9)now you can draw out 10ccs at a time and fill the 10ml bottles individually to make 10 bottles

There ya go, all laid out there and should be relatively easy to follow!

And one single whatman filter should do 100ml very easily
Any direction on best source of test e? Found a few companies didn't know which one had the best record.


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Dec 25, 2010
That's a question that can get you banned. No source talk here. Wonderful first post. LOL