Starting Over? A Regeneration to an Old Soul

Discussion in 'Injury Recovery & Prevention' started by daman1, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. daman1

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    Jul 25, 2016
    As some have read, I recently had a disectomy and decompression in my lower back. I am nearly six weeks post op and just started PT. I am going to be cleared to hit the weights in four weeks. However, due to them removing 40% of one of my discs, I was told I can never lift heavy free weights again. I'm thinking maybe I need to change my focus to just be smaller and leaner. Not sure where to begin as I've always been big; even when I was lean...
  2. FLEXjs

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    Apr 23, 2012
    Well I hope they are wrong. Most people don't know what the human body is capable of doing when there is strong willpower.

    Good luck to you.
  3. PillarofBalance

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    Feb 27, 2011
    Every powerlifter has smashed discs man. Don't count yourself out just yet. Over time as you build up the muscles to support the skeletal structures you will have less and less pain.

    One of the ways I manage my clients with back issues like this is to keep their rep ranges low. So instead of squatting 60 to 70 percent for say 3 sets of 10. You might do 6 sets of 5 instead. Managing fatigue during the set is crucial.
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  4. 5.0

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    Nov 3, 2012
    Absofuknlutely, I'm living proof. Took over a yr to lift anything remotely noteworthy but the numbers WILL come back! Rehab wisely
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    Apr 5, 2012
    Good luck man
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