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Dec 15, 2010
I am not calling Generic at all, as with any un monitored products there will be varying quality differences from brand to brand, place to place etc. All I am saying is it is not a free ride, you are not going to get $12/IU results for $2-3. When you have a product, you know it's worth.. Now lets say brand "X" became FDA, I can assure you it would be very simular priced to the other FDA registered products, maybe a little less but simular because becoming FDA registered is not something easy or cheap to do for a start, secondly why are you going to short change you self!? You got a product that is cheaper than the other and on a reasonable parr give or take what it is best for but why sell it for several dollars and IU less when you can go 1 or 2?

The manufacturers sell out the back door, it how China work.. The gov leave them alone as long as they sell quality product all legit to their own people/government/institutes etc and pay their taxes on it.. China Gov support its industry so why hammer them to sell abroad? China an exporter, it is where it is because it is cheaper, not because it puts tons of litigation and laws in the way like we do in the west. Who going to buy China GH at the same price as FDA American made in the west? No one, what it say on the label you get in the west and if you don't you get paid big. This cost big money..

The point I made about the GH possibly being of a less superior quality when the doors are closed is a common practice. People want affordable products, refinement, ticking extra Gov boxes and guarantee adds cost to the products.. Not saying they churn out shit but they not going to bin anything that is sell-able nor are they going to go through expensive product refinements if the competition is not doing so as they will not be able to compete price wise.. Lets be honest almost everyone calls all China GH "sub parr" at best, so if you are a manufacturer why waste your money making a premium product unless you have specific buyers or markets for these higher quality products to go? It going to get summed up with the rest as this is what most people do, they generalize.

The equipment to make GH costs millions of dollars, your not going to have it sat around doing nothing if you can be making product and offloading it, is just simple good business not to do so. Another reason for not selling your best products out the back door is because of counter fitting.. Lets say Barrys Black Diamond HGH is being sold, it the best generic on the market, how long before the fakers come in and ruin the image of the brand? Not long at all, China the land of counterfeit! So why ruin your brand? Why not run lines for other people, put their label on it, do it to what they specify and let them deal with the crap?

When Wallmart got to Heinz to make them beans, Heinz don't give them their exact recipe, they tell them bring your own recipe and we make it for you and put your label on it? Reason why? Heinz always the best/premium product on parr with maybe one or two sponsors in the world! These one or two sponsors and Heinz supply 90% of the products on the market, they just under different labels with different things inside..

You think there are 1000's of GH manufactures in the world? lol there are not so many even China has a limited supply because it isn't something you can do in your kitchen sink.. You need MILLIONS just to set up the machinery. They are all selling out the back door (off hours) varying grades of products to different clients. The bigger purse strings of the client the more sway they have on product quality as they can take there millions and give it to the competition if they chose, it that simple. What these clients are doing with the powder 98% of the time is cutting it because otherwise your GH would cost allot more than a few dollars and IU... These are then selling to people who are selling to people and before you know it 4,5,6,7 even more fellas all put their fee on it and that why your paying $400 for a 100iu kit for allot of that cheap product that is far from worth that. Where you get better products is when you have fellas with enough money/sway to go direct to the manufactures and buy their products direct, specifying the best product they can for the money your willing to pay and not stamping on it..

What I am saying to you is do you need to spend $12/IU to get the results YOU need/want.. If so then you need to spend it, if not then go for more affordable products from a sponsor with a repulation. I am yet to hear of any product that was not a bait and switch scam that has provided pharma grade quality at generic prices. I know of a few GOOD generics that $ for $ are very competitive and possibly for many more cost viable then using Pharma for the results they want.. That is what I am getting at.

Trust me I know MTS are very good products and fellas.


Old School Meso Vet
Oct 29, 2010
kind of a lot of weaker chems - I dont see primo or provi in a bulker - injectable dbol was a disapointement to me - orals worked better

the TNT sound interesting though - I dont know lots of stuff like I said but not really a bulker IMO
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