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Squat vs. Hack vs Sled



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Feb 27, 2011
Leg press is good for drop sets. Front squats are my preferred squat at the moment because I kinda crushed my spine on the military press lol...


Apr 4, 2011
Re: Contest Time

Jesus, some of you over complicate IMO while others dont focus on enough angles and some of the most important aspects of leg development.

I alternate my training frequently but I make sure to hit what I need everytime, i just alternate cetain exercises so I dont over stimulate certain areas too frequently and leading to overdevelopment and unbalance.

My go to:

Seated or lying leg curls: 2 warmup sets of 15 then: (all 3 second negatives on workset)
1 X 15 reps
2 X 12 reps
3 X 10 reps
4 X 8 reps then drop back to the weight you did for 12 reps and pump out 15-20 partials. If you can stand up and walk normally you pussed out and didnt do it right. these are brutal if done right.

Squats - 2 warmups X 15 reps (135 X 15, 225 X 15)

1st work set 275 X 8 with 3 second negative. Focus on driving through heels, get deep, stance wide enough to hit adductors well

2nd work set 315 X 8 with 3 second negative (same for remainder)
3rd work set 365 X 8 with 3 second negative (realize these are not to have way more torture to go)
4th work set 415 X 8 with 3 second negative (last rep should be a screamer but not to failure)
5th work set 455 X failure which last time was 6 (3 second negative still applies)
**** this is for overall mass and leg development. Most of the beef gets hit here and depending on foot placement some sweep, tear drops, hams, glutes, and adductors get annhilated

2nd = rack squats. this is fun...we will now destroy your teardrops and outer sweep
3 sets X 25 moving feet in closer from shoulder width to just a couple inches apart on your last set...only come up 3/4 way for constante tenstion...yes you will feel like puking after this last set. just bc reps are 25 does not mean to go light....we're talking 10 reps, then some breaths, 5-8 reps, then some breaths, then finish it off. this will make you crippled. walk it off, get some water (if you dont puke it up) or do like me and lay on your back until you can breathe and not see stars.

Leg Press: work up to a where a set of eight is heavy. Should only take you 2-3 sets since you are plenty warm. Drop set time. 3 second decent for 8 reps. Take 2 plates off and do 6 reps with a 3 second decent. Take two more plates off and do another 6 reps with a 3 second decent. Take more weight off and move feet close together and pump out 20 DEEP reps for your teardrop.

Lastly do 3 sets of dumbell stiff leg deads to get those hams uncramped and stretched out.

If this doesnt hit everything and make you realize what it's really like to pound legs then you're more of a man than I'll ever be haha. I ALWAYS yack when i get home after these types of workouts.

Oh, and proof is in the pudding :)

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Aug 8, 2012
I do all three with the squat being my primary. I feel depending on where I put my feet on the machines I can work different distinct areas.


Dec 13, 2010
I do all 3 and rotate. Some days I start with hacks and some days they are the middle or end. Sometimes i only squat, press or hack with 10 sets of 15-20 reps as heavy as I can go. I mix it up a lot.


Nov 18, 2011
Squat is the king of exercises, as long as your core and specifically your lower back are healthy. The leg sled or press is often a temptation to train too heavy and shorten your range of motion, which in turn tightens the muscles in the hips and glutes, potentially leading to injury, as well as putting excessive stress on the lower back where it contacts the back pad. Hack squat is a decent exercise as long as you position feet to keep excess stress off the knee tendons and ligaments, and sink your butt low enough to involve the hamstrings, glutes and hip girdle maximally.
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