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Sep 16, 2010

Received the FOIA request yesterday. Sure as shit, this gave me the proof i needed to confront the bitch. They redacted the email address used that sent in the complaint. The email had 2 print screens from a Facebook post i made. Now if y'all know FB, is that mine is locked down and only friends can see my stuff and i am VERY SELECTIVE on who is my friend on FB. So that is how i knew it was a FB friend.
In addition, there is a feature in FB, where when you are looking at a post as you are signed into your account, it will put your account name into the comment field (just shows it on the screen). The person that fulfilled the FOIA, did not remove that identification. That was when i knew i had her.

So last night I was at gym and was hoping she would show up. She did. I was on treadmill at the time and seen her go to the dumbbells. So I approached her...."Why?" were my first words. Of course her response was why what. I then asked why are you so miserable?....then I went into how I knew it was her that turned in a complaint...she denied, so i said i have proof, and showed her from my phone....then she said she doesn't have fb anymore, it was hacked, etc. So i said "oh that is your response?"....then went to how miserable she is about spreading shit at the gym...she said Tim (my trainer who was there just a few feet away from us) was talking bad about her....i said bullshit, he has been nothing but supportive.
My last words to her were " do you know what happens to a person when they are turned into the health dept?", she said no so i said "your about to find out".

I wrote out a very detailed, long letter to the gym owner since she used to work for him and also she is putting and using his gym all over her stuff (aka social media/website, etc). This was sent this morning and i texted him as well so he was aware.

AFter the altercation, i went to the treadmill so i can finish my work out. She went to her workout but didn't finish and left.
I then texted the gym manager what transpired so that she was aware. She said she looked at the cameras and i did nothing wrong.
Got many texts last night that this person then defriended a bunch of people and stopped following people and the gym, etc. Was told she even went to her facebook and defriended people....hmmmm....the same facebook that was hacked that she allegedly don't use? bwahaha lying bitch.

Nothing but gym drama, but she messed with the wrong girl.

My plan is everytime i see her at the gym, approach her and ask her why, what did i do to you?......hahaha
That is awesome you were able to confront her and also handle it in a very professional way.

For what it’s worth, take it as a compliment that this bitch is so incredibly jealous of you, your life, and physique, she wanted to try and hurt you in any way she can. She wouldn’t confront you because she has no spine to address her issues, but she has to live and see this now. Just continue to be the best you are and keep on your track to let the world see how great you are!!


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Oct 12, 2010
What's involved with making it official? If it's been on your mind as an eventuality, why not now? Then whoever did it won't be able to say shit, and it will just piss them off more.

I think you'd also find out who did it pretty quickly at that point. They will hang themselves.
Plus the tax benefits! Do it!

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