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Size and symmetry



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Jun 17, 2018
1F046A96-1FA0-4583-B146-A17B811D8157.jpeg 99BB58BA-8B04-4F9B-AF9E-FB281EE730EE.png BFE35A6F-ECF8-4532-B88F-66C47381D6A0.jpeg 602E7D29-ED58-4ED9-86CA-EF1DCF9E309A.jpeg 40 years old and lifting the past 5 years (2 of them seriously). Current stats are 6’2” 187 pounds roughly 16-18% bodyfat. I did a 3 month cut last year and went from 210 to 180. I have been on a very small caloric surplus the past 4 months and have added 7 pounds back onto my frame. My issue is that I am 6’2 with arms that are only a hair above 15”, chest is 43”, waist is 32-33”, quads 22” and calves at 14”. Certain angles I looks ok but all in all I still feel skinny. Current lifts are squat 260, dead 405 and bench 260. These are 1RM. I feel as if I should have progressed mich further in the time I have been lifting. I should add that I jave been on TRT for the past year and I am sure this contributed to my fat loss originally. Just looking for advice on a decent intermediate program. I am looking for size.
Lizard King

Lizard King

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Sep 9, 2010
Arms look bigger than 15. That straight pic, last one, looks like you have no traps, what does your routine look like?


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Jun 17, 2018
I am currently working madcow 5x5 and my diet is 3700kcal daily with macros being 30C/50P/20F. Everything I eat is weighed on a digital kitchen scale so I know I am getting 3700. Foods consist of chicken thighs (boneless skinless),whole eggs, oatmeal, ground beef, strip steak, broccoli, egg whites, brown rice and quinoa, avocados. I don’t use protein supps as I drink liquid egg whites.


TID Board Of Directors
Feb 3, 2011
If you’re running the Madcow 5x5, and have been for some time, and your squat is 260 and your quads are 22” don’t need an intermediate program. You need to actually squat.

Seriously, not being a dick. Just saying that a 260 squat and shirtless pics with pants on, tell me that you only half-ass squat and you hate it and you complain about genetics and knee problems (maybe I’m a little bit of a dick).


Stop weighing your food. Slop healthy amounts, of healthy food, on your plate, many times per day, and eat until you’re full, really full.

Squat FOR REAL. You don’t have to go heavy for 1rm maxes. But you need to do them correctly and thrash your quads/hammies/glutes until they’ve caught up.


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Nov 4, 2010
I would worry less about measuring food and just eat as much as u can to get a good growth spurt going. No reason to be lean in the winter months, this is time to build.....


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Aug 13, 2013
Agree with consensus above. Stop worrying about abs and eat. If you have trouble squatting, Leg Press or Ground Based Squat...just move weight. You being 6'2" doesn't help (longer muscle bellies & longer travel distance etc.) but 187lb bodyweight and a 260lb squat is very light for that height. My wife is also 40, 5' 145lbs and squats 270; granted she's been at this for 8yrs. Sorry if it sounds like I'm being a dick but the pics show no legs and a guy who seems more concerned with abs and biceps.

Barbell OHP
Barbell (...gasp!..or even Smith Machine) Rows.
Bodyweight + 100lbs (minimum) Leg Movements. BW x 3 for Leg Presses
Get on a Incline Hammer Machine and get to repping 260lbs for 5sets x 15. One Rep Max's are for PL'ers in competition and 18yr olds on their first cycle :)

I'm 5"8" 214lbs roughly 12% and have 8yrs on you. The avatar on the left is 190lbs for perspective. You can bet your ass I spent many months of the year at 20%++ to get there. Eat and stay off scales for a few months. Wear shorts to take pics and wear them at the gym to motivate you to get some wheels. A "big" back and chest comes from heavy lower body work just as much as the upper. Even if the legs are less than stellar genetics, hitting them hard can still force growth everywhere and smaller but well trained legs are still obvious to those who've been at this a while.


Fancypants VIP
Mar 23, 2011
Eat more and focus on heavy, compound lifts. The size will come. If it doesn't, then eat MORE.
(and everything SAD said)
For what it's worth, I'm also 40, I'm 6' tall and 215-225lbs. I don't have huge legs (not sure exact measurements) but I can 1rm a 455lb squat.
The taller you are, the harder it is to pack on size. I've tried everything, and took YEARS to get to the size I am now
Mr P

Mr P

Jun 21, 2011
you look great for a 40 year old, not common with the rest, but like the rest of the clan said and also spend more of your time on lagging areas, add 2 hours more Into the weaker muscle and apply 4 x a week on those muscle. eat.


TID Board Of Directors
Mar 6, 2011
You can pull 405 but can't hit 275 on squats?

There is something terribly wrong with that. Squatting aint easy b/c you go down and maybe you don't come back up. But nut up, squat to depth, work in a lot volume, and build those wheels. Being 6"2 aint a reason to have a sub par squat.

You're not ready for an intermediate program with those numbers.