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Shoulders...everyone needs to read this



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Sep 18, 2019
If have seen landmine presses work for people with shoulder issues.

Yeah, young and dumb. How many of us would put the weight belt on tight and hit seated supported behind the neck BB presses.... Of course without the shoulder mobility to keep the head up and straight :(:rolleyes:

I developed a condition called weightlifter's shoulder = stress fractures at the end of the clavicle. The ortho went in and removed 3 CM of my clavicle.

Be safe out there!


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Nov 11, 2022
I've developed pain in my left, but I don't think I've done much damage.. yet. My upper back posture is terrible, and with pushing motions like bench, it has been dumping too much into shoulders. It took me a very long time to figure this out. I thought I was pulling my scaps back and down enough, but with the extra rounding of my shoulders, it has been nowhere near enough. Over the past few months, my coach has paired pushing motions with activation activities like scapular ring rows (with a focus of really pulling scaps back and down) to get them primed in between. I'm finally starting actually feel it happening, and damned if the pain in my left shoulder isn't lessening. I went through some physical therapy and chiropractor with no relief. Was even told it was arthritis and nothing could be done. Before I started really focusing on correcting form, doing shoulders after bench was problematic. I had very little muscular stamina left in shoulders and could push relatively little weight. Now I'm nearly fresh going into shoulders. Current coaching is fantastic and has been picking up on errors that previous coaches just never saw. Guy is less than half my previous coach's age, too. I've literally never done a back squat correctly, either. I'm basically relearning those, too. I have way too much flexibility in adductors that I have been pushing knees too far out. Now I'm actually feeling glutes and hamstrings with back squats by locking knees in a more narrow position through the entire motion (though when fatigued I lose focus and the knees will start dipping inward on the press). It's frustrating to have wasted so much time doing things incorrectly.


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Oct 30, 2022
How ironic that I’m in the gym doing shoulders right now and saw this in between sets. I’ve been thinking a lot about this the past year, and with joints. I’ve gotten away from getting crazy heavy anymore and really focusing on timed contractions, slower tempo, and tighter squeezes, with more intensity techniques. I’ve also realized how pointless and counter productive high volume is. Intensity is where it’s at. However, I do need to implement a lot of stretching, especially mobility work.

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Yeah, I think the trick to keeping joints healthy/ feeling good is by doing the least amount of reps with the least amount of weight and still activating the muscle. I used to think same thing that lower weights with higher reps was better for joints than higher weight with lower reps but it’s just as bad. It’s like the old saying. Work smarter not harder. I want to start using more intensity techniques when I get back from vacation.

Massive G

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Apr 10, 2020
I have a frozen left shoulder. Can't squat with traditional bar and only Smith and or machine presses. I miss dumbell and BB presses. Of course, a lot of wear and tear over the years but my biggest regret is my injury from 15 years ago.
I was doing close grips with 385 on the Smith and I injured that left shoulder. I think it was a small tear in the cuff. Never got an MRI and rehabbed it myself. I was super strict and stupid back then....didn't want to fast for the test. It healed but I am sure a lot of the scar tissue led to the eventual frozen shoulder. I did not stop training during my rehab of ice heat massage ART. I continued to train chest shoulders and back etc. I did 1 arm presses on the Smith for inclines flat bench and military and behind neck presses. I lost very little size on my left side. Stupid shit that could have been prevented.
Be safe and smart these days. I still do Smith presses of all kinds but with slow negatives higher reps and lower weight to stay sane.
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