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Shoulder reconstruction recovery



TID Board Of Directors
Sep 30, 2011
Here I am 6 long asssed months in, broken clavicle all sorts of busted and crushed pieces in my shoulder plus a bone right through the rotator cuff tendon.
A plate and 3 screws all put inn at odd angles like a kindergartner would put together a bird house LOL

Can do 10 incline little girl pushups now and can do hanging leg raises over the bar but not even one pullup or dip.
I was always able to do more pushups, pullups and dips than anyone we know (real ones with proper form) so mentally I am phuckoed still but getting there.
I can hold myself on the upper position of a dip but cannot lower at all as I feel things pulling inside that scare me...:oops::(
I can do lat pulldowns perfectly with different hand positioning with 160#s and feel confident that I am not jonesing myself doing that.
Did some 20# and worked up to 30# strict dumbell flyes, left pec has REALLY atrophied as well as most of my previously 20" ripped left arm.
Wifey says I look amazing considering all of this so I will take that kudos and ride it :)

Bi-laterally torn left hamstring still trying to fix that as well no weight on that leg for curling but excellent 40 minute cardio, and lotsa leg presses without issue.
In july I did a Motorcycle race and just missed podium with a 4th place finish, took myself and my lovely bride to California Superbike school again, did some awesome Zip Lines up in the mountains in Northern Idaho and took her skydiving as well:cool::D
YES some of it was and physically demanding with my injuries, but it was no way as painful as laying around being pathetico_O
Getting an epidural into my cervical spine on Monday at 10am and hopefully I get some feeling in my arm and less pec and lat pain for awhile until I get my spinal fusion done soon i pray..
The idea is clean up the bone pushing into my spinal cord and fuse c5, 6 and 7 together and install a stabilizer.
Not sure I like it but I do indeed want my mobiity back and all my ASS KICKING ability as well:p:D
So everyone I WILL post up some pics for Halloween as we did last year if not sooner in GREAT shape and with my batman abs lol
PLUS as a bonus I will toss out some of my beautiful lady to offset my Beastly ones hahah
Keep me accountable I would say but I am accountable to myself first and foremost;)
Wish me well for Monday kids and thanks for always supporting myself and one another love ya all.
Ohh PS all this if from deer ramming me on my sexy blue ZX14r (pics on here under pics lol) so shoot and hunt and run over deer at every opportunity please they no longer have enough natural predators :D


VIP Member
Oct 12, 2010
Little by little brother. You'll get there. Wishing you the best in recovery and all else.

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Senior Moderators
Feb 15, 2013
OH LG! I feel for you dude.......keep that handsome head up of yours.....take one day at a only what you will all come together.....little by little, it will all come together. Shoot your rebuilding will probably be quick with the size you were before. Think of all the new baby gains you will make!

Wishing you much luck for Monday sir! Hoping you get back your mobility. Sounds like you are mentally strong and that is key here. So, super important.

And you have US!!!!!

One Love...

dan gable

VIP Member
Dec 27, 2017
Wow and I complain constantly about my partial tear in my supraspanatus, full tear in my supraspanutus, labrum tear and minuscus tear. Your additude is definitely motivating!

The biggest challenge for me is sleeping. Pain keeps me up and I work a physically demanding job so when Ihave a rough day on the job and am in pain, it sucks not to have any pain meds... My doc hasn't written me a script for the last year because he says I just need the surgery. Problem is I can't take the 8 or so weeks of from work to get the surgery....just cant afford it. It sucks that because of the idiots who abuse pain meds, people like me who could really use something for pain once or twice a week cant get it because docs are afraid to prescribe it...

Hope you are healing up bro!


TID Board Of Directors
Sep 30, 2011
Thanks everyone, shoulder is indeed healing up slowly but surely albeit just after I started training somewhat again I got approved and had my cervical fusion
Will post some pics if I can figure out resizing them or a link anyway.
Blessings and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all


VIP Member
Dec 20, 2017
My 2cc's would be to use db at weights you can get 15-20 so you can keep hand position and groove in the most painfree position and get as much blood in the area for faster healing. Using ice after each workout is very beneficial plus using heat as often as possible especially prior to workout and using heat creams prior will help also. Rest is as important as ever. I had a tendon reattached in my shoulder, not anywhere near what you've had, but its taken over a year to get to 80% +/-. As cautious as I was I still think I overdid it at times which may have caused some setbacks. Also, if you can afford it, stem cell therapy could reall help speed up the recovery time.


VIP Member
Sep 19, 2011
I'm interested in your recovery as well as more about the process. I have a buddy that is a 500+ bencher and he has battle shoulder issues for the last 2+ years. His situation is a bit complicated as he is wheelchair bound. He was born with spina bifida. He has chosen to attempt rehab throughout the last 2 years, but I think the time is coming where he will have to have something more invasive done. At one point he mentioned reverse shoulder replacement? Anyone heard of this?
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