Shoulder injury

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    Dec 9, 2010
    Hell I know I have
    At least by ship/plane and few jumps
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    May 22, 2013
    If you have a shoulder injury to your rotator cuff, go to PT for the proper exercises. I had a "small cuff tear" per my surgeon. He neglected to inform me to be aggressive and consistent with my PT as this small tear lead to a full thickness tear 3 years later. That being said, He told me to rethink my Aikido/Judo training and working out as it's time to give it up. First thing out of my mouth was F that & You! I've been hitting PT hard since it happened in Feb of this year. I just started my first of 3 PRP treatments and I'm using 2.5 IU of GH for 4 months in conjunction with my PRP and physical therapy. This injury has really slowed my down. No weight lifting, no Aikido or Judo since Feb and I've dropped 30 lbs from not working out. It sucks. Point is this, if you have a shoulder injury, go to a good PT and get proper treatment, be consistent and aggressive with your exercises, but don't over do it as it's a long slow process, trust me, I know ;)
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    No injury slows me down
    May drop the weight a lot but it's best to keep doing something besides let it just sit and heal
    Heck when they did my pops hip in the 70s they had him in a cast from waist to ankle
    Now they have you moving asap

    Hell if I cut myself I'm all about superglue and if it's bad then I have it checked
    lol I Rem a goodie bag sent to me in the sand ---baby wipes --pork rinds -- super glue. Don't get better than that!!!!

    Yes I let pork crumbs fall all over my shells
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    Will this work for ac joint pain as well?
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