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set of squats????



New Member
Jul 26, 2017
How many working sets does everyone do for Squats alone? I hear people say "squat to you drop", etc. Right now I'm doing 4 sets but I feel like I should do more...seems too little for such a major lift. Assume you're on cycle.


VIP Member
Mar 17, 2017
If I want to work on strength I wont "squat till I drop" I'll have a pre-prescribed strength program set up that will normally peak out at some point.
For bodybuilding, Squat till you drop IF you can handle that. A inexperienced to mid level lifter should err on the side of caution. It's very easy to hurt your self or worse yet end up walking around like a gay cowboy fresh from a stears and queers convention for a half week.
JR Ewing

JR Ewing

VIP Member
Nov 9, 2012
I typically do several warmup sets - 135, 185, 225, 275... I start counting at 315, then do several sets in the 365-425 range... At least 6 reps, as many as 10 reps if stopping at 365.

I will usually finish by stripping 90 pounds off the bar after my last heavy set, then grind out at least 12-15 reps - maybe 20 reps if I'm up to it.

From there, it's several sets each of machine squats, leg presses, and hack squats. I try to keep it to under an hour.
Clint Gunn

Clint Gunn

New Member
Dec 17, 2017
In my opinion the biggest problem people make when training is focusing on a number of “reps” or “sets”. Listen to your body. If you do 4 sets and are tired but can keep pushing for another 2 sets then keep grinding! If you get done with 3 sets and are cooked then stop. A lot of guys will do 10-12 reps and call it a set when in all actuality could easily have banged out 20 reps. Those extra few when your mind is saying quit is where the growth comes! Also keep into consideration the excersises you’re doing following squats.


Senior Member
Feb 5, 2013
Depends on your goals... Lots of factors involved that create a case for either mind-set... I am a powerlifter, it is about strength and peaking at the right time. I tend to hit 3-5 meat and potato sets in a squat workout, then move to zerchers, box squats and or front squats & hit another 3-5 sets that push me. Then start hamstring work.
I have friends in several different strength sports and the one thing in common is they all squat. How many sets, reps, time between sets & intensity can all be different and still meet their individual goals.


Sep 16, 2013
I try to do at least 6 sets , anywhere from 12-15 reps .
The first 2 don't count as they are my warm up sets . Those are at 180 lbs , not including the bar . Then it's 360 lbs , again, not including the bar , from 12-15 reps per set .
I also keep my range at 90 degrees , and I try to keep at a fast pace . I like it that way because it seems to exhaust my quads more and I feel it more . By the 6th set my quads are burning .
I do have to add that at that weight it's good for me as I have a bad knee. It is getting stronger , but at this point I won't push it past that much weight just yet . This week I'll be adding 10 more lbs.
My .02