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serious arm infection



Apr 20, 2011
Well at least the skinny little guy had a huge bicep for awhile and I bet he was proud of it for a bit showing it off lol!
400Lb Gorilla

400Lb Gorilla

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Jul 27, 2011
When will it be this douchenozzles turn
is that from steroid use? sorry i am mostly ignorant when it comes to AAS use but that guy looks like he had some kind of implants put in. the traps and chest just dont match the arms and delts at all
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May 9, 2011
That's Synthol. It's an oil that causes your muscles to swell up. I think it's only temporary. It looks gross too.


Sep 20, 2010
So many oppions about seo..and its safe to say hardly none of u have experiance seo....SEO is used to enhance langing muscle groups..Thats all..It not used to disform the body like some people do...Ive been to that level myself...So it can be addicting as any other anabolic we use...If seo is use RIGHT it can enhance the muscle without looking unnatural like u see in the vid of that JOKE that thinks he looks good...U would be amazed just how many pro BB use seo..Manily used on smaled muscel groups such as traps biceps and calfs....U take few a small few of assclowns to give seo a bad name and then everyone has something fucked up to say about it just like steroids too...This is the same reason steroids carry a bad name because of a few assclowns....Just like implants...Even implants can make some one look disformed if they go to big...Instead of posting the dark side of seo...rememeber there is two side to every coin..They have good stroies about seo...By far im not defending seo but i want to make a point that not all seo stories are bad.Dont just assume...Ask questions...Eveyone should question everything instead of jumping to an answer....MORE OR LESS KEEP A OPEN MIND...That how we learn...
I would like to add also...Not one time in my experiance useing seo have i gotton a infection...Ive got alot of infections due to useing gear but seo is a safe oil..If anything the infections are caused by dirty neddles ....People that mix seo and gear inside the muscle that is what causes infections...I know this to be a FACT...And im not going to bullshit anyone.When u fill a muscle pocket up with seo and then u shoot gear inside the same pocket and that gear and your body reacts to it that is when the problems start..This has happen to me a few times before i realize what the fuck was going on..And that infection of that vid is nothing compared to the infect i had in my tircep..If anything mine made that look like perschool shit..I had about 120z of infection drained...Try that for size...Thats a fucken can of coke.My doctor was amazed how much came out...I was too for that matter...And the infection was caused by injecting dirty fucken eq in a muscle that was filled with seo....The muscle was perfect untill i stuck it with dirty gear....Im all heal now but just stateing some facts here...
Anyway...The botton line is seo is safer then any anabolic on th market...And if used right it can enhance any langing muscle part....And if anyone thinks its fake...Well,then its as fake as steroids....u get it......dw
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Rottens cookie dealer
Mar 19, 2011
In regards to Deadweights post above ^^^^^^.. I like to research everything and read and ask a shitpot load of questions. you google SEO and most of it is bad rap shit about the product and how bad it could mess you up . Well my question is where is all the good reports about the stuff because as DW posted it has positive effects on people , there are upside's to it and its shown in the BB community all over of people who benifit from its use and how the positive results are shown and actually look good on the people who dont abuse it .
even this morning I have been researching the product tryin to learn as much as I can but again , everyone wants to trash talk the SEO product and most of them havent ever tried the stuff .
I guess what I am trying to say is how can everyone bash the stuff without using it and trying for themselves .
Even DW says that he has had his trials and errors with the product but used properly can benifit . so I want to know where are the posts and reports of the good benifits from it because we all know that the guys who show ,some if them if not all of them have enhanced there looks with seo in the higher competition levels ..


Crusty Poo Butt
Sep 21, 2010
There's gonna be people who don't use that stuff properly...that's where it turns bad. I know a few people who use SEO's and are aware of its risks and it has helped them