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Secret to Big Arms



Sep 15, 2010
first off i can ensure you that everything i have gain from site injections is arms are as hard as nails.
secoundly,site injections dont work over nite..just like any other body part u must break it inn first..thats where u run across redness,swelling,ect...after you stick any muscle group after a wile that muscle will adapt to anything u stick at it....starting off u will only do 1 cc per bicept..thats a full 7 days...mainly because it will be will take a full week to recover...Keep the same protocall untill the muscle starts to adapt to the sticking..untill then dont stick when they are still healing between injections...reason dont need a trip to the hosptal geting your arm cut open because u stuck to soon....ive done this 2 it took me 2 times before i found this theory out for myself..Once the muscle starts to heal quicker you can add more oil to your dart...going to 2 ccs and making injections twice a week....repeat same process as you did with once ew with healing..rememeber again never stick if its still want to build yourself up to eod injections ...or even ed injections like i do when im ready to add more size....oils to use..U can start off useing these compounds...deca,cyp,enth,tren enth,mostly the slow acting compounds....once you build yourself up u can try threwing inn more fast acting stuff like prop tren ace and npp....dont try sticking those compounds untill u break the muscle inn...Those fast acting compounds will cripple a fresh muscle goup...places to want to speard the injections around...each time you stick swich around injections...unless you are only looking for peaking power then i would just stick with sticking the center head as i did sticking the center head it has given me peak power beyound this it gives it a much fuller look to add with the peaks....Most peaks u see on pros are simply a product of site injections....Let me get back to square one...u see at first the swelling u get from these injections will make your arms appear bigger and they will look bigger because of the redness and swelling and thats the part people say about it being fake but once u get pass the swelling part it will start to add good size that counts and will not go away...time it takes to get to big size could take 6 months or all depends how serious u are and how much pain u can endure...its not a cake walk...i promise u that...when someone saids doing steroids is fake..i tell them ..let me stick you and see if u think its still fake or not....nothing about sticking is simple.....Sticking is an art...and site injections is an art....anytime u go into a space that hasnt been touched u can experiance all kinds of problems...But just be ready to addrest them..learn along the way....if u make an mistake learn for it...Right now im working on traps...ive been sticking traps for years now but im really foucusing on peaks far ive gained 1 1/2 within 4 weeks or so...simply by blasting it eod with oils..however my traps were broken inn allready so i could drill them even still learning myself..just the other day i stuck some tren ace and some suspention mixed and i kid u not the whole day my traps were burning like fire..not a good mix for the traps...i pumped inn 2ccs on each trap jokeing shit there...Needle teling you need to go super deep....i allways use a 25g /5/8 tip with good need to go 1nch deep on small muscle groups
Plus it gives u a chance to work with the dart as u stick....any other question ..feel sure i could have left something out but this is pretty much my basic experiance in this protocall...dw

this is great. i will get myself set up for thisand try it out.
i'm sure as i get rolling on this i will have some more questions. the info here is just perfect and has given me some food for thought.
thanks again.
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