Safflower seed compound as anti-estrogenic as Nolvadex

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    Safflower seed compound as anti-estrogenic as Nolvadex

    The seeds of the safflower – scientific name Carthamus tinctorius – contain a lignan that blocks the effect of estradiol in cells as effectively as Nolvadex does, according to pharmacologists at Seoul National University.

    Long-term use of Nolvadex [used to treat breast cancer] increases the risk of ovarian cancer in women. The Koreans are looking for alternatives to Nolvadex in the plant world. In their article they describe how they bought safflower seed in a shop, and isolated various compounds that they then tested for anti-estrogenic effects.

    The figure below shows how the Koreans discovered that one of the safflower seed extracts wipes out the effect of estradiol.

    The compound that does this is tracheloside, a lignan. The substance itself does nothing to estradiol-sensitive cells. But if you add 2 nanomols estradiol to the cells, then tracheloside reduces the effect of the hormone. The more tracheloside, the less effect the estradiol has, as the figure above shows.

    The anti-estrogenic effect of tracheloside is comparable to that of Nolvadex. At a concentration of 0.31 microg/ml, half of the estradiol effect disappears. Nolvadex has the same effect at a concentration of 0.43 microg/ml.

    Whether the human body is capable of deactivating estradiol by taking tracheloside, the researchers are not prepared to say. Their doubts are based on what is known about arctiin, a compound related to tracheloside.

    Tracheloside is an ingredient in the bodybuilding supplement Arimedex HD. You’d be forgiven for thinking tracheloside is a difficult name. That’s why the manufacturers prefer to call it (3s, 4s)-4-[(3, 4- dimethoxyphenyl)methyl] -3-hydroxy-3-[[3-methoxy-4- [(2s,3r, 4s,5r,6r) -3,4,5-trihydroxy-6-(hydroxymethyl) oxan-2-yl]oxy-phenyl]methyl] oxolan-2-one. Plain old…, you understand.

    Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2006 Nov; 70(11): 2783-5.
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    Natural Benefits and Curative Properties of Safflower Seeds

    Safflower oil is one of the most polyunsaturated. The medicinal value of linoleic acid came into prominence in the later 1960s following the publication of the findings of researchers in a series of medical and scientific journals. These findings proved that this fatty acid was highly beneficial in lowering serum cholesterol levels in laboratory animals and humans. From virtual obscurity safflower oil became a best*seller within a few years. This is no wonder, with its very high linoleic acid content.

    It has also been discovered that linoleic acid promotes and improves availability of calcium to the body's cells, thereby virtually acting as a vitamin. Some scientists refer to it as vitamin F

    Heart Disease :- Safflower oil has proved beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol. Hence it can be used liberally by persons suffering from cardio vascular disorders. An emulsion by trade name Saffloxin-cipla is used routinely during myocardial infraction, cardiac ischaemia and hypertension.

    Constipation :- One teaspoonful of kernel of the seeds, taken with six shelled almonds and honey has proved highly beneficial in the treatment of constipation. It has been found to be a safe laxative for the young, weak and pregnant women. A very popular Unani laxative medicine called Twarishe Qhurtum is prepared from safflower seeds.

    Sexual Debility :- Safflower seeds are highly beneficial in the treatment of sexual debility . For better results, powder of the dry seeds should be mixed with pistachio nuts, honey and almonds. It should be used with milk once before going to bed. It is a very effective aphrodisiac. It improves sexual vigor and thickens semen.

    Asthma :- Safflower seeds are highly beneficial in the treatment bronchial asthma. Half a teaspoon of powder of the dry seeds, mixed in a tablespoonful of honey, can be taken once or twice with great benefit in this disease. It acts as an expectorant and reduces the spasms by liquefying the tenacious sputum. Infusion of the flowers mixed with honey is also useful in asthma.

    Female Disorders :- A decoction prepared by boiling two teaspoonfuls of powdered seeds in 120 ml. of water is given as a remedy -to cure painful menstruation. Dried flowers mixed with rose are also given as a medicine in this condition. A brew made from safflower foliage is said to prevent abortion and the female sterility.
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    I compounded all my shit in safflower oil. Maybe that's why I'm 50 and look 12.
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    LMAO.Could be.
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    Anyone look into this lately?

    I almost wonder now about whether grape seed or safflower [seed] oil is a better choice for brewing. Here is some grape seed info along the same lines:

    At the same rate, there are very promising [rat] studies about cerebral, cardial, and renal (kidney) protective effects of safflower oil injection... Basically, they intentionally block the blood flow to organs and measure damage vs control. Likely more studies available, that was a quick search (term "Carthamus tinctorius injection").

    A different type of study tested rat hearts in isolation to arrive at the following conclusion:
    An example of a setup similar to the one used in this heart study is attached.

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