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Rotator cuff surgery



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Nov 21, 2011
Hey everyone, I’m 54, and having rotator cuff surgery in August. Do you think HGH, would help in healing and recovery? Maybe IGF-1?

Dirk Diggler

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May 22, 2013
Hey, I"m almost 53. Last year I tore my rotator cuff in Aikido. My surgeon told me that I had a full tear in my my superspinoutus, and partial tear in my inferior spinotus and subscap. I stopped all training as I could not even do 1 push up.

I had minimal deficits upon the rotator cuff testing. I was having difficulties doing push ups and pull ups but the diagnostic testing my doc did yielded minimal deficits. With that information there and my doc saying I will not ever be able to do martial arts and wight lifting after surgery..I went another route. PRP and HGH @ 2 IU's 5 days a week.

I went with PRP therapy that cost me 2000 as insurance will not pay for the procedure. Had 2 treatments, on at the end of June, and a second in October. I did my shoulder PT 3 weeks after PRP treatment. PRP, you must not do anything with your shoulder for a 3 week period. During this time, I also had bilateral partial knee replacements in July. Anyway, I also got 3 kits of HGH and I started my PT for my shoulder when I started my PT for my knees. I did my PT exercises for my shoulder 3 times a week and now, I can do 30 push ups. I avoid any pull ups as internal rotation of the rotator cuff is something you want to avoid and research! Check out AthleanX on youtube.

First thing first, get into a good PT program. If you have significant deficits to your shoulder with impared ROM, this route may not be for you. Get educated on your injury! PT and youtube videos can really help you understand how to address your shoulder problems.


Jul 30, 2016
I just had rotator cuff surgery on 2/9. I had full thickness tears in my supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and labrum. I started PT 3 days after surgery on 2/12. I was in a sling for 4 weeks which I just got out of this past Thursday. I start my 5th week of PT Monday. I have not taken anything at all! I go to PT 3 days a week for 2hrs each time, on the days I am not in PT I do all my exercises and stretching at home. I am very close to 180° on all my forward and side stretches, I have not started stretches to get my arm behind my back to like scratch or wash my back and it is still difficult to put deodorant on under the opposite arm. The doc told me initially no more lifting weights and since between me two weeks ago he now says I am making better progress than he thought I would at that point so now it's no lifting heavy weights over my head, so no military presses and I have to find an exercise that will take place of incline bench because that is how I tore my shoulder this time.

I would say get a good surgeon and a good PT place and you will be on the road to recovery faster. I went to a sports medicine place where they work on all the state's pro sports teams athletes and they did everything from my mri to my surgery to my PT.



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Oct 11, 2011
Had mine done end of August,start of September. Ran HGH for about 3 months, 2 IU ED. I should have researched first as someone else actually did a study and found it did not help in lab rats. They cut the tendon, ran GH after repair and found it did not help the recovery time. Since then I am back to the gym and do everything except overhead lifting. No shoulder presses and such.


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Feb 15, 2013
@Patriot1405 are you still having your RC repair in Aug, 2018? Looks like I am going to as well in Aug. I haven't scheduled mine yet, was thinking the third Friday in Aug maybe. 17th. I found a surgeon I feel comfortable with (met with 3 diff ones). Good luck! FYI....I was going to run some HGH as well.....(1 IU ED).


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Dec 9, 2010
yes hgh will work but its also about the skill of ur doc
sports med is ur best bet
ive had two of the best
andrews and lemack

i think oxygen therapy is a big plus --if they dont do this then find another